Use the Channel Manager to manage all your booking channels in one place saving hours updating multiple systems.


It makes sense that having your product available and displayed on multiple different booking channels will lead to increased exposure and hence increased revenue. However, if someone books a place on one of your tours from a website such as Viator, how do you make sure that change in availability is also displayed for someone looking at your products on your own website or a different agent like Red Balloon? That’s where the Channel Manager comes into the picture.

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If your product is available across multiple booking channels, you need to spend hours updating your availability across all your different channels every time you get a booking through one of them so you don’t overbook yourself.

Except you don’t need to waste all that time.

With the Rezdy Channel Manager, you can have the best of both worlds: access to distribution agents and a much wider audience, and at the same time managing it all in the one place means that you don’t have to spend hours every day keeping all your different channels up to date.

How does the it work?

You enter your availability and resources into the Rezdy Channel Manager directly, and it then broadcasts this information to all of your separate booking channels, like your own website as well as your partner agents like Viator or Red Balloon. Once you’ve done this, any changes in your availability are entered into the Channel Manager and automatically broadcast to all the separate channels.

What sort of information does the it handle?

In a word: everything. If you change the price of one of your activities, you enter this into the Channel Manager and this change will be broadcast. If your availability increases because you expand your business and purchase additional assets, you enter this into the Channel Manager and it will be broadcast. If you receive a booking through one of your channels, this will be registered in the Channel Manager and broadcast, so the change in availability can be seen across all your booking platforms and you don’t risk overbooking yourself.

With the Rezdy Channel Manager, you can have the best of both worlds. You can have access to a much wider audience offered by various travel distribution services and agents without needing to spend hours every day making sure all your information is up to date on all of them.”