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In part 4 of the 4-part series, you will learn about trends in the China outbound travel market, and how best to prepare yourself for Chinese visitors.

China Outbound Travel Series:

Part 1: Introduction of China outbound market
Part 2: Who are the Chinese travelers and what destination products do they buy
Part 3: Chinese buying behavior
Part 4: Trends and tips for how to get China-ready.


1. Let your customer be your brand ambassador

This is not specific to China but important to mention nevertheless. Chinese customers are very loyal to their favorite brands. By investing a bit in your travelers they may do a better job than any marketing/PR team.

2. Make your content internet friendly

Related to the idea above. Through social media, travelers can circulate experiences faster than businesses ever could. Make sure you have the content ready for them to share or help them create their own content.

3. Reach out to the clients of the second and third Chinese tier cities:

China is big. Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are also big but China is still bigger. There are 14 cities in China with a population of over 5 Million. Travelers from cities like Chengdu, Hangzhou or Tianjin are rapidly catching up with the first tier cities in terms of number of outbound travelers. They are also traveling further, to Australia, Europe, America, Middle-East and Africa.

4. Chinese are tapping into adventure themed experiences.

A younger more adventurous generation of China outbound travelers is looking get a fix of adrenaline on their holidays. It will usually be the highlight of their trip. That being said, the overall majority of them are very new to these types of activities and will need to be reassured about their safety. While presenting these experience it is important remind the safety measures you have put in place and the quality of the materials used.

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1. Chinese service, Chinese service, Chinese service

For a long time, Hong Kong was the first choice for Chinese travelers to go shopping. However, after the recent turmoil between HongKong and mainlanders Chinese have looked elsewhere to spend their Yuans. Mingdong shopping area in Korea seems to have managed to drive an important part of that traffic and not just because of the popularity of Korean pop culture. Nearly every nearly every shop has Chinese speaking staff. As mentioned in the previous articles, companies who can overcome the language barriers will be able provide the best experience.

2. Pictures speak louder than words

High-quality photos of your tour or activity are a great way of generating interest from prospective customers but it is also important to make sure your customer can go home with The Picture that they will want to share around.

3. Use technology to improve the experience

If you are working with a company like Rezdy, you have already made the right choice. As the whole tour and activity sector is consolidating, it is important to get the customer booking experience up to the best standards.

4. Offer souvenirs and surprises

Chinese travelers are very receptive to little gifts and if they are of good taste they will very likely conserve them as a souvenir of their trip. Often, surprises offer the extra push to build the brand good word-of- mouth and help you promote your products in the future.

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