Images are very important as they are known to be the first things potential customers notice about your listing. Images are what help your potential customers imagine themselves already there. Therefore, you should put effort into choosing images.

You can upload as many images as you’d like for each listing. As potential customers tend to engage with listings with more images, we encourage uploading at least 4 photos.

Our recommendation is to get images of people enjoying the experience you offer. This is the best way for potential customers to imagine the experience as they’re booking. Ensure, that your images are clear, bright and colourful as these tend to perform better than dull ones.

Use this checklist when choosing images:

  • Landscape orientation
  • No logos or watermarks
  • Bright and colourful
  • Shows people enjoying your experiences
  • At least 1920 by 1200 pixels
  • Family friendly

Here are some examples:

Choose images is so important for your tour and activity business. You want your customer to feel they are already in your experience, it’s the one of the most important unique selling points you can have. A tour and activity business that doesn’t have great imagery against someone who does makes a hug difference. These images above are just some examples of where you should start.

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