Years ago, people who wanted to travel to a new place often booked the same hotels and the same activities that their friends and family members enjoyed on previous vacations. They knew they could rely on their trusted inner circle to provide them with accurate information and reliable recommendations, long before they could search for this information on the vast expanses of the web.

Today, travelers only have to do a quick search on TripAdvisor to get honest feedback about hotels, attractions, tours and activities in their chosen destination. It’s one of the most popular travel sites, making it a critical component of any destination marketing strategy. To climb the TripAdvisor ranks in more bespoke destinations such as Alaska, Arizona or Wyoming, you simply have to follow these steps:

Create a Diverse Distribution Network

By partnering with many different types of agents in the tourism industry, you will be able to attract a variety of traveler market segments. To effectively promote your destination and improve your presence on TripAdvisor, you will want to work with both local and international agents. Local agents can help raise awareness to unique market segments, such as residents in your region as well as those who are looking for a quick weekend getaway. International agents can improve the recognition of your region abroad, specifically to motivated groups such as Chinese travelers.

Learn About the Algorithm

Like most search engines and social networking sites, TripAdvisor uses an advanced algorithm in order to rank the businesses and attractions that are listed on the site. The algorithm takes into account the following:

  • Score — The rankings provided by users determine the score of an individual business. The overall score plays a significant role in the placement of the business on the results page.
  • Number of Reviews — Attractions with more reviews will receive higher rankings than those who have less reviews.
  • Frequency of Reviews — Attractions that receive reviews and feedback on a regular basis will be placed more prominently than less active businesses.

Solicit Feedback from Travelers

To continue to rise in the TripAdvisor rankings, you will need to have a steady stream of online feedback on your page. For example, a DMO in Alaska should use automated e-mails to contact recent visitors and request feedback about the trip. Offer incentives for leaving reviews, such as a discount off of a future stay. Be sure to respond to reviews — even those that are not as kind as you would like. By interacting and engaging with past travelers, you are showcasing future travelers that your destination is committed to providing all visitors with a worthwhile experience.

With an effective destination marketing strategy in place, you will be able to increase your destination’s brand awareness online while also increasing the number of visitors in your region at any given time. This will help improve your online reputation, as more people come to know your destination and share information about their own trips on the most popular social networking sites. For more information, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook now.



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