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Your tour and activity distribution strategy is what is going to propel your business into the future. You likely have created partnerships with agents from across the travel industry, ranging from retail travel agents and visitors information centers to wholesalers and online travel agents. However, it can be difficult to manually manage bookings from a variety of agents and nearly impossible to prevent overbooking your tours and activities. Here’s how you can connect inventory to online travel agent partners:

  • Implement an online booking system that offers a channel manager. For example, Rezdy’s channel manager allows you to connect to an unlimited number of agents through one convenient system. You will no longer have to log into multiple platforms to manage your bookings.
  • Select an online booking system that provides real-time updates. With Rezdy, all of your distribution agents will see your live rates and availability. This virtually eliminates the risk of overbooking your tours and activities.

With the right channel manager in place, your agents can easily access and book your tours. In addition, you can instantly pay your agents the commission fees that they deserve, without dealing with the hassle of managing those payments manually.

Connect inventory to online travel agent partners today with Rezdy. Rezdy is an online booking system designed specifically for tour and activity providers, and it will help you reach the most powerful agents in the industry. Begin building your distribution network and driving more bookings for your business by starting your free trial today.

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