Without a content management system in place, you’ll likely be left spending countless hours updating and maintaining your tour and activity website. It’s tempting as a small business owner to try and take care of everything yourself, but a content management system is quickly becoming an essential tool for any business in the travel industry. So if you’re wondering: Why do you need a content management system in tourism? This article will help.

What is a content management system?

A content management system is an application that can be used to create new content for your website, to modify your website and to make necessary updates without contacting a web developer. Working with a website developer can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. With a content management system in place, you can automate the process without compromising on the high-quality content that you want to produce.

Three reasons you need a content management system in tourism

  1. A content management system is a cost-effective solution for busy tour and activity operators. Without a content management system, you likely will have to hire a private website developer to create your website design. While this allows you to receive a fully customized website, it also leaves you with endless code that you cannot maintain yourself. Any time you want to make an update, you have to contact the website developer and wait for them to be available to address the issue. A content management system is an affordable tool that allows you to maintain your website without paying an expert to complete the job.
  2. A content management system will significantly improve your online visibility. Content management systems help you optimize your website so that you can easily implement your SEO strategy. By frequently producing fresh content that is optimized with the top trending keywords, you will see your brand rise quickly on the search engine results page. You need to earn a top ranking on the search engine results page in order to attract your target market segments. In all likelihood, you won’t be able to accomplish this goal if you are taking on website design and development on your own.
  3. A content management system is a simple tool that anyone can use, regardless of their technical skill set. A website that has been created by a private website developer is going to be cumbersome and difficult for you to edit, as your expertise likely does not lie in the creating and editing of website code. However, with a content management system, you can build a website that is customized to meet the needs of your brand but also can be updated by you or your staff. Anyone who is used to working with basic technology will be capable of editing and publishing content on the website. This results in significant cost savings and reduces the number of administrative hours necessary to maintain the website.

A content management system can help you revolutionize your website, allowing you to become highly visible to the most motivated travelers and increase your conversion rate. If there’s one website tool that you need to invest in for your tour and activity company, it’s a content management system.

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