Partnering with an online travel agent (OTA) is necessary in order to appeal to a broad range of travelers from many destinations across the globe. An OTA has the power to outspend just about any independent supplier, including tour and activity operators, and it’s difficult to compete with their expansive marketing strategies. Instead of trying to compete with OTAs, your tour and activity business should partner with them instead.

Of course, this partnership comes with a price. Here’s what you need to know about what it costs to work with an OTA:

Know Which OTAs you want to partner with

There are several well-known OTAs that you may want to consider partnering with:

expedia OTA online travel agents

  • Expedia. With a global presence in over 70 countries, Expedia receives over 58 million unique visitors each month, and its mobile apps are downloaded nearly 80 million times at a rate of over 200 downloads per minute. Apply to be listed on Expedia here!

viator OTA online travel agents

  • Viator. Unlike Expedia, Viator is wholly focused on tours and activities. It sells its products to a global consumer base at, 60 additional consumer-facing websites, mobile websites and apps, and through its global network of affiliates. Viator’s listings are supported by more than 500,000 reviews, photos, and videos posted by travelers. It boasts 7 million visitors per month. Apply to be listed on Viator here! 
getyourguide logo OTA online travel agents
  • GetYourGuide. GetYourGuide focuses on listing activities based on where they are, rather than specifically what they are. This captures the market of people who decide what they want to do once they are already in a location and can put your product in front of whole new audiences who might not have even known that you exist. GetYourGuide receives an average of 2.5 million website visitors per month. Apply to be listed on GetYourGuide here!

Establish commission rates for your OTA partners

Most OTAs will have commission rates that they require in order to create a partnership with them. You will want to verify the commission rate that is expected as part of the agreement. It’s important to understand that paying these commission rates is a worthwhile investment in your business, considering the exposure that your brand will receive through the OTAs. With an effective online booking system that includes a channel manager, you can automate the commission payment process which is beneficial for you as well as your OTA partners, in addition to agreeing upon competitive commission rates.

OTAs will become an important component in your overall distribution strategy. It allows you to boost your brand to the global level while attracting travelers from around the world that you may not otherwise have had access to. In order to learn more about developing an effective distribution strategy and partnering with the right types of agents in the industry, be sure to download the Rezdy online distribution ebook today.

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