Coupon Marketing From Start to Finish: A Tour Operator’s Handy Guide

Coupon Marketing From Start to Finish: A Tour Operator’s Handy Guide

Tour operators have a lot to gain from selling coupons.  In fact, tours and activities are the perfect products to sell coupons with because they are not tangible and therefore no logistics is involved in delivering the product. Coupon marketing is a perfect tactic to implement to boost your revenue or tackle seasonal fluctuations.

Here’s what you need to do from start to finish:

1. Build your offer

Coupon marketing is a great way to build awareness of your business and you want to make a good first impression. So ask yourself – what’s your best-selling product that gets your most faithful customers to give you glowing reviews?

This is the tour you should pick to discount with a coupon. If this tour is consistently popular, then set the Terms & Conditions in your coupon to be during low season or days of the week where you’re not so busy.

Then, you need to figure out what type of coupon you are offering. There are 3 structures you can choose from:

  • Discounts. Either a dollar amount or percentage off. Use dollars unless your percentage is high and you are a well-known business.
  • Bonuses. An offer such as “get 2 for the price of 1”
  • Premiums. An offer for a larger spend, such as booking a private tour with a minimum of 5 seats.

It would also be wise to offer extras in your offer such as an up-sell like meals, a waterproof camera or anything else that might be relevant. And after your new-found customers use your coupons, give them yet another coupon to use with you so that they come back.

upselling coupon marketing

2. Deliver it

Now that you have a perfectly enticing offer, how do you get it in front of the eyes of your potential customers?

  • Local businesses. Is there a tourism bureau nearby? What about popular hotels? Distribute your coupons in a printed format here (but make sure there are instructions on how to redeem it online).
  • Daily deal sites. These sites give you the opportunity to tap into their massive customer base without paying for it.
  • Contact database. How many emails have you collected over the years? If you haven’t started marketing to them then do so! Coupons are a great motivator for inactive customers.

Remember to make sure that you set a logical limit for the number of coupons you can sell, and don’t offer a discount that’s too high for you to cope with.

online vouchers coupon marketing

3. Analyse

It’s easy to measure the success of a certain coupon marketing campaign. All you have to do is count the number sold! Then, compare it to the previous months. Did your campaign increase your average order values or conversion rates?

But what if you have several coupon marketing campaigns through different distributors? If you are using Rezdy, managing this is simple.

conversion tracking coupon marketing

Managing coupon marketing with your online booking system

A coupon in Rezdy is defined as a Voucher, which is a flexible tool allowing you to give a discount to your clients, track the source of a booking, or redeem a gift. You can issue your own vouchers or import a list of existing vouchers provided by 3rd party websites, such as daily deal sites.

You can create a Voucher code by selling a Gift Card or just creating a code outright.

When you choose a value for your Voucher, you can choose from:

  • A fixed amount for one product (if you want this promo code to be used as a payment method for a fixed amount and a specific product)
  • A fixed amount for any product (if you want this promo code to be used as a payment method for a fixed value for the whole shopping cart)
  • A fixed amount for any product within a catalog (if you want this promo code to be used as a payment method for a fixed amount and limit its usage to a specific catalog)
  • A free product (if you want this voucher to be used as a payment method for a specific product only, and choose the maximum quantities this voucher can be used for in a single order)

voucher-value coupon marketing

Then head on over to your Vouchers list, where you will see a complete list of all the vouchers you have.Where it says ‘Status’, you’ll see ‘Redeemed’ when a customer has used your Voucher.

Vouchers will automatically have an ‘Expired’ status when an expiry date has passed if it hasn’t been redeemed. You can also update the Status manually.

vouchers coupon marketing


What’s next?

Boost your audience.

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