3 must-haves when creating a corporate identity in tourism

3 must-haves when creating a corporate identity in tourism

In the tour and activity sector, you need to behave like a business while connecting with travelers like a human. To achieve this, you need to create a corporate identity that is appealing, welcoming and trustworthy. These are the 3 must-haves when creating a corporate identity in tourism.

#1. Your staff and your influencers

The reality is that you and your staff members are the largest contributing factor to your overall corporate identity. As the leader of the organization, you set the standard for what your tour and activity company is about and what experience you want your travelers to enjoy. Your staff members need to carry out that vision with their actions and words throughout every aspect of the customer journey. From your staff members who communicate and respond to messages on social media to those who conduct the actual tours, it’s important that everyone delivers a consistent, positive experience from start to finish.

Beyond your staff, your social influencers also play an important role in developing your corporate identity. Influencers are people who promote your brand online to their followers by providing their own objective experience and insight. Influencers are a powerful force, and it’s important to have a few good ones on your side.

#2. Your facilities and your resources

The way that your customers see your brand ultimately becomes your corporate identity, which is why your facilities and resources significantly influence your identity. If you are located in a less-than-appealing office on the side of the highway or your tour buses appear to be used, worn and rundown, there’s a good chance that you will develop a reputation for being second best.

To create a positive corporate identity, make sure that your facilities are bright, welcoming and appealing to travelers across all segments. Your resources should be properly organized and should always be clean and in working order for your travelers. Their vacation is an opportunity to escape, and they will want to feel like they are enjoying something luxurious rather than something cheap.

#3. Your online reputation

Social proof is perhaps the most powerful force in any corporate identity. You can say all you want about your brand during your marketing and promotional campaigns, but travelers believe the people who have experienced your tours and activities previously. To create social proof that works in your favor, encourage your travelers to leave feedback on social sites like TripAdvisor or Facebook. Also, remind them to post photos and videos of their experiences on their own social feeds. This is an easy way to get powerful user-generated content that will fuel your corporate identity.

Corporate identity and brand development allow you to create a connection with your past, present and future travelers. It is necessary to connect with your target market segments because they will carry the torch for you and continue to promote your tours and activities. In many cases, you will find that you continue to refine and revamp your corporate identity over the years, but these three components will still play a major role in the final product.

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