There are a lot of moving parts involved in a tour program, and your passenger manifest is absolutely key to your success. Without one, things can get very disorganised and you may end up with unhappy customers.

To make sure your customers are well taken care of, your manifest needs to make sure that you have the right equipment and staff on hand.

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Why do you need a well-structured passenger manifest?

With a well-structured passenger manifest, everyone will be on the same page. Here are some examples of the benefits:

  • Your vehicle drivers can easily pick up your guests, because your manifest includes their pickup time, hotel name, and room number.
  • Equipment rental is made easy because you know what’s required for each booking.
  • You’ll know about your customers’ special requirements, such as if they have any food allergies.
  • You can know who has paid for the tour and who hasn’t.
  • You’ll look much more professional than if you were relying on personal notes or memory.

Perhaps the biggest reason to use a manifest is that it will make you more efficient. This will reflect well on your business and increase not just your customers’, but also your staff’s confidence in you.

What do you need for your passenger manifest?

There are two items to tick off:

A good format

Your manifest needs to be laid out so that it’s easy to use, because it may very well be used by different people (for example, the driver of the vehicle who is picking your customers up, as well as your tour guide).

It’s a good idea to sort your data according to the needs of the person using it before you print it and give it to them. For example, for vehicle drivers, it makes sense to sort the data chronologically.

pickup location passenger manifest

The right information

Examples include date & time, pickup location, tour information, first & last name, and drop off location.

You may have different requirements of what’s necessary depending on your business, and it can become quite complex when you need to collect more information but you don’t have a proper manifest to store it in.

For example, if you’re in the maritime industry, it’s a legal requirement to ask for specific information for each guest included in a booking, so you can check each person in when they get on your boat.

Also, being able to schedule your resources properly is dependent on the right information being collected. With Rezdy’s resource dependant calendar, it’s easy to make sure you have the right amount of resources before a booking can be made.

manage resources passenger manifest

How can you customize your passenger manifest?

First of all, you need to make sure you’ve included the fields that you want. In Rezdy, you can add or remove information based on your preference and need, by updating the Booking Info of the Product.

Then, you can customize your manfiest view. You have 3 options:

  • Sort the data
  • Hide data
  • Arrange the data

Of course, don’t forget to print your manifest so you can hand it out to whoever needs it:create a passenger manifest

And there you have it! A well formatted manifest with all the necessary information, including legal requirements for you (and without overwhelming anyone using it) will put you in the best place to run a successful tour.

Rezdy liability waiver passenger manifest

What’s Next?

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