Must-have customer communications before, during and after travel

Must-have customer communications before, during and after travel

Manually communicating with all of your customers at all stages of their booking journeys is a daunting task. You likely spend endless hours every day sifting through e-mail responses, sending manual confirmations, responding in a personalized customer communication travel manner to prospective guests and asking for feedback from those who recently enjoyed one of your tours.

You know that it is work that has to be done, but it’s probably taking up all of your time. While there are e-mail programs available that can help you automate your communications, you likely won’t be able to customize these messages in a way that is necessary for your business.

The answer lies in partnering with a booking software that offers personalized customer communication travel for the tour and activity industry. Here’s what you need to know about automatic communications in the tourism sector:

Before they arrive: prepare them for the experience

Customers who book your tours and activities expect to be in communication with you from the time that they book until the time that they arrive for their experience. As a tour operator, you have a lot of daily obligations, so it can be overwhelming to keep up with manual confirmation e-mails and instructions for the experience. With the right e-mail technology in place, you can schedule automatic confirmation e-mails as well as personalized messages that outline what the guest can expect from their tour experience.

During the tour: personalize the process

At the time of the tour, you will want to make sure you are staying in contact with your guests and helping them prepare for their experience. For example, a valuable e-mail message might include a last-minute reminder that explains what they should bring for their tour or information about the weather forecast for their experience. When you are trying to coordinate the resources for the tour or stay on top of last-minute bookings, it’s nearly impossible to deliver this kind of customized service. This is why the right technology is essential.

After the activity: get some feedback

The customer communication travel journey does not end with the tour. It must continue on, especially if you want to take advantage of repeat business or referrals. After a tour has completed, you should send an automatic message seeking feedback on their experience with your brand. This gives your customers a chance to offer suggestions or compliments and affords you the opportunity to change your business for the better. With an automatic e-mail program in place, you can schedule these messages to go out within a day or two of the traveler’s tour.

Instead of investing in a generic e-mail program that may not cater to the unique needs of your business, implement a booking software that offers an automatic e-mail messaging system that is designed with the tour and activity sector in mind. Our customer communication travel package comes ready for you, allowing you to schedule messages at the exact time you need them to go out and personalize them to meet the expectations of your customers.

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