It’s easy to view other tour and activity providers — and even hotels — as competitors in your local travel industry. You want to attract the highest number of guests and provide them with what they need, and you don’t want to see the visitors in your region consistently opting for brands other than your own. However, on a broader scale, the real competition is actually between your destination and other destinations around the world. Destination marketing aims to bring the operators in a certain destination together to promote that destination as a whole to attract the customers.

This means that networking within your local travel market is critical to your success. When you network with those in the industry in your area, you can form an alliance of sorts. While you may be competing for the same customers, you are all part of a larger destination that is hoping to attract travelers from around the globe.

Why is Destination Marketing Important?

  • Your overall destination is in competition with other notable and popular destinations around the world. For example, if you are located in a seaside town and most of the local travel industry attracts tourists who want to relax in the sun, you are competing with hundreds upon hundreds of similar destinations around the globe. When you band together with the travel and tourism businesses in your area in order to develop a destination marketing campaign, you can increase your ability to develop a community brand and attract the most motivated travelers to your destination.
  • You can partner with local suppliers in order to create valuable packages that are attractive to travelers who are looking for a great deal. For instance, your tour and activity company can partner with a local hotel, another tour operator who offers different experiences, and a local restaurant in order to create a vacation deal that is irresistible. Travelers today love it when they can book an all-inclusive deal that gives them a well-rounded vacation for a great price.
  • You also can develop cross-promotional campaigns that encourage your customers to book with a complementary travel business in your destination. For example, you could create a promotion in which a person who is staying at a certain hotel receives 30% off one of your tours and activities. You also could work with a tour company in order to offer discounts for those who book a tour with each company. This shows that your destination is willing to work together in order to enhance the experience for all those who visit, and it also helps you to develop a brand identity for your destination as a whole.

Rezdy is an online booking system designed for tour and activity providers, but it’s so much more than an online booking form that offers an online booking engine and a channel manager. It provides those in the industry with innovative features that allow them to grow and develop their brands. Rezdy Channel Manager for example, is one tool that can be used in order to connect with local suppliers and develop a marketing plan for tourism destinations.

To find out more information about improving your distribution strategy and increasing the number of distribution channels that you utilize, download the Rezdy distribution ebook today.

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