The key to running a successful tour and activity business is to promote your products to everyone — even those who might not normally be interested in taking a tour. For example, if you operate a tour company that provides city tours to all of the top attractions in your town, most of your customers are going to be visitors from other areas. While you will invest your time and resources in marketing your products to travelers, it’s also important to explore other channels as well, such as fully incremental distribution channels that lead to incremental sales.

What is an incremental sale?

What is an incremental sale?

An incremental sale is a booking with a consumer who would not otherwise have been looking to utilize your services. In order to get incremental sales, you have to uncover your fully incremental distribution channels. This often requires a partnership with an agent who resells your tours.

Vouchers and coupons: two types of incremental sales


incremental sales

Vouchers or gift cards are a great way to reach out to your local community, which is filled with potential customers who may not typically consider booking a tour with your company. One way to distribute vouchers to residents in the area is to reach out to the major employers, who might be interested in giving away your gift cards as part of an incentive program within their company. You also could consider partnering with other local businesses in order to offer gift cards for your tours as part of a package with their own goods and services. For example, you could work with a local clothing company to offer a gift card at a discount when they make a purchase at their store.


incremental sales

Coupons, discounts and promotional codes are another way to increase your incremental sales. Try offering a special discount available only to local residents, as a way of giving them a chance to try your tours at an affordable price. Another way to use coupons to boost your incremental sales is to create coupons for niche groups and special interest organizations. If there is a local photography club in your town, offer them coupons to book your tours and practice their skills. As a bonus, you might want to encourage them to post their photos on your Facebook page. Special interest groups are often looking for new activities to enjoy, and coupons can motivate them to book with you.

In addition to being able to coordinate your vouchers and promotions, you also can use the Channel Manager in order to connect with agents who can help you develop incremental distribution channels.

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