How to connect with hotel concierges

Ways to grow you distribution partnerships & revenue opportunities

On the surface, a hotel concierge seems like a professional who is hired to help the guests staying at a particular hotel. However, for tour and activity operators, working with these professionals is an example of a powerful partnership in tourism. Connecting with local hotel concierges can help increase your bookings, particularly when filling those last-minute spots on your tours. Now is the best time to add a few hotel concierges to your distribution partnerships.

How Do I Form Relationships With Hotel Concierges?

Forming professional relationships with hotel concierges is easier than you think. Some of the best ways to connect with these local hotel representatives include:

  • Attending networking events in your local area. This allows you to introduce yourself to hotel concierges and provide more information about your tours and activities.
  • Scheduling meetings with individual concierges. Call or visit the hotels, and ask to meet with the concierge for a short time to describe your tours and talk about the technology that you have in place for bookings.
  • Reaching out via social media to different hotel brands in your area. This can help you make an initial point of contact, and then follow up with a concierge to offer more information.

How Do I Encourage Hotel Concierges to Consider My Tours?

A hotel concierge is relied upon by guests to provide reliable referrals for local attractions, including tours and activities. To gain the trust of a hotel concierge and encourage them to consider your tours, you should:

  • Invite the concierge to participate in one of your experiences. When they have first-hand knowledge of your tours, they can recommend your products to the appropriate guests.
  • Provide them with information about your online booking system and channel manager. They need to know that the booking process will be simple and convenient for them.
  • Let them know that you offer competitive commission rates for distribution partnerships and agents who book your tours and activities.

What Do Hotel Concierges Expect From Me?

First and foremost, your hotel concierge is going to expect to be paid a commission for sending a booking your way. You can offer direct commission payments through your channel manager, making the process seamless for concierges who book your tours and activities for their hotel guests. In addition to a commission, hotel concierges are going to expect that they have the most up-to-date information about your available tours and activities. They do not want to encourage a guest to book your tours and then find out after the fact that the tour is oversold and their guest did not get a seat.

With the right technology in place, you can easily form partnerships with hotel concierges in your area that are beneficial for both of you. Rezdy provides you with a channel manager that broadcasts your live availability for your tours and activities and allows hotel concierges to book directly with you without dealing with extra phone calls, emails and confirmations.

For more information on how to improve your distribution partnerships strategy at your tour and activity company, download the Rezdy distribution ebook now.