Diversify Your Current Business with other Tours and Activities

Diversify Your Current Business with other Tours and Activities

Tour operators are constantly being presented with the challenge of diversifying their offerings and increasing their profits. If you run a business in a region that relies on the tourism industry, you might want to consider adding other tours or activties to your business as a way to generate extra income and increase your customer base. Whether you plan to offer tours of your location and an explanation of how your business operates, or you simply want to earn a commission by helping your own customers book tours in the area, there’s plenty of extra potential revenue by selling packaged tours.

Option 1: Resell Tours from Other Tour and Activity Providers in the Local Area

This is the easiest way for you to increase your income through tours without taking on additional responsibilities. Here’s how you can get started:

Partner with local tour and activity providers who offer products that your customers might be interested in as well. You may want to select a tour company that offers excursions that complement your own business style and mission. For example: You offer a rafting adventures, at the end of the tour, you try to get customers to book another Adrenalin adventure, like zip-lining or Canyoning. Select tours that can be booked through an automated online booking system. You will want to work with a company that offers a system that provides you with easy, accurate payments. This ensures that you get the commission you deserve for reselling tours and activities. Of course, you also will want to work with tour operators who offer you a favorable commission rate. you can even embed a booking button on your own website, allowing your customers to book their own tours while you collect a commission payment. It really can be that easy!

Option 2: Create and Provide Your Own Tours

If you are ready to start giving multiple kinds of tours to travelers looking to explore your destination, then here’s how you should begin your new business venture:

Invest in an online booking system that provides you with the features you need. Real-time availability booking is critical, because this ensures that you and all of your agents are aware of exactly what has been booked at any given moment. You can even share resources across different types of tours, prioritize resource management, as this is becoming more complex and more rewarding once organized properly. You won’t want to book too many people on a tour and not have enough seats for them on the bus. Knowing your real-time availability allows you to shift focus between products to maximize your profits.

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