Email Marketing With Coupons: 3 Strategies for Tour Operators

Email Marketing With Coupons: 3 Strategies for Tour Operators

Many small tour or activity business owners may see coupons as detrimental to their bottom line. However, when you focus on developing an effective email marketing coupon strategy, you will find that your profits actually increase.

Coupons distributed through email are highly effective, because it can help increase your customer base, instill loyalty among existing customers, and raise awareness about what your tour company offers.

Here are some ideas for tour operators on how you can promote your coupons with email marketing:

1. Promote Coupons During Low Travel Seasons

If you offer a sightseeing tour of your area, chances are throughout the high travel season you are booked solid with customers paying full price for your tour. However, come the low season, you may find that you are struggling to meet your minimums in order to take your vehicle out.

This is the time to promote your coupons for off-season products and rates.  You should do this with your own database as well as through coupon websites, making sure your coupon is included in their emails for that time period. This offer will help increase business during a traditionally slow time, as people will be tempted by the great deal.

Whether you create a buy-one, get-one free deal or you offer your customers 20 percent off an upcoming tour, be sure to state that it’s a limited offer. You should also specifically list the dates that the coupon is valid, so as to avoid confusion with your customers.

2. Go for the Up-sell with a Coupon Promotion

As a tour and activity operator, chances are you offer several products or tour packages for your customers. For instance, if you are a winery tour company, you might offer customers a private tour experience or a group tour booking option. After customers have completed a group tour, send them an email asking for feedback and provide them with a coupon for a discounted private tour on their next visit to the area.

Another way to go for the up-sell is to send out a coupon with the booking confirmation email that is sent after a customer utilizes your online booking system. This coupon could provide them with a free product, such as a coffee mug or a T-shirt, or you could offer a discount on a food and beverage purchase during the tour. Chances are the coupon will inspire your customers to spend more cash while actually out on the tour with you — which helps to increase your profit margins.

3. Raise Awareness and Incentivize Repeat Business

By emailing past customers and offering a discount on a future tour for referring a friend, you will incentivize your clients to do your marketing for you. First and foremost, your customers will be focused on promoting your business in order to get the discount on a future tour or activity. The benefit for you is two-fold: you will gain new customers while also earning repeat business from clients who will be using their referral coupon.

Start using coupons in your email marketing strategy!

Coupons can be a great way to drive business to your tour and activity business, especially when these promotions are integrated with your online marketing campaign. Many travelers today are on a budget, and are looking to find the best deals on tours and excursions.

If you offer customers on your email list exclusive coupons and offers, they are more likely to consider booking a tour or activity with you. Whether you are offering them a percentage off their next tour, or you are going to provide them with free products such as food or souvenirs if they redeem their coupon, you will find that creative, thoughtful coupons generate buzz and help boost your profits.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that creating coupons alone is not enough. You need to make sure that they are easy to apply and track within in your online booking system. If you make it easy for your customers, they will have better experience with your company, and recommend you to their friends. To learn more about how to market a tours and travel company, follow the Rezdy blog for more insightful tips.

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