Engage at First Sight: 5 Tactics to Create Effective Landing Pages for Tour Operators

Engage at First Sight: 5 Tactics to Create Effective Landing Pages for Tour Operators

In a sense, your tour and activity company website is your window to the world. Rather than you peering outside of it, however, it’s more of a portal for potential travelers to peek into. It’s critical that they like what they see. The online experience is a pivotal part of the booking journey for the 21st century traveler, and your website landing pages need to be visually appealing and engaging.

Why are Landing Pages so Important?

Landing pages are the various pages on your website that site visitors may discover through a search engine query or on one of the popular social media channels. These pages need to provide customers with visual proof of your products, with valuable content that is accurate and useful, and with an easy way to book one of your tours and activities. Without solid landing pages, you will lose many site visitors in a matter of moments.

5 Tactics for Effective Landing Pages

1. Make it personal. Your site visitors will be more likely to book with you if you are offering what they want. You need to collect data on your target market segment and use that data to customize your landing pages for your desired audience. You also need to create personalized promotions that can be displayed on your landing pages.

2. Communicate clearly. You need to use concise, effective language to promote your tours and activities. Make it very evident that customers will get something specific if they fill out your booking form or information form. You don’t want your site visitors to abandon your page because they keeping asking the question “Why do I need to fill this out?”

3. Appeal to the senses. Different forms of multimedia can be used to try to appeal to the senses and emotions of your target audience. Whimsical photographs of romantic sunsets that can be seen on your tours can easily tap into a person’s desire for relaxation and romance. An exciting video of a ziplining experience can increase the heartbeat of an avid adventurer. Use your landing pages to capture the hearts and imaginations of your target audience.

4. Remember that less is more. Short forms are the only way you are going to get the data you need and increase your direct bookings. Don’t waste the time of online users looking for a great deal — they will simply abandon your site.

5. Encourage customers to navigate through each step of the online booking journey. Your landing pages should remind your customers of the next obvious step, which is booking a tour. A “Book Now” button is a great way to grab the attention of your target market segment and increase your direct bookings.

When you prioritize your landing pages, the result is higher conversion rates! When you convert your site visitors into customers, you enjoy a boost in direct bookings that will allow you to generate more revenue for your tour and activity company. To find out more about developing an effective website and promoting your products online, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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