Chinese travellers are quickly becoming the most powerful travel segment in the world. The data is starting to flow in, and the industry experts were right: these travellers are some of the most motivated on the market today. They are highly interested in international travel, which makes them an important target audience for tour and activity operators across the globe.

Don’t wait another minute to start improving your business in order to meet the needs of Chinese travellers. Here’s a few reasons why you should work to engage this travel-loving, tech-savvy group.

Chinese Travellers Use Mobile Technology Effectively and Efficiently

There’s a good chance that you’ve already realized that mobile technology is important for growing your tour and activity business. Mobile bookings continue to rise year after year, but the increase is even more steep in the Chinese market. The majority of Chinese travellers use their mobile devices not only to search for available options, but also to book them. They want to work with companies that offer them quick, reliable and accurate information, while also giving them an easy way to book in the most convenient way possible. If you optimize your site for mobile bookings, you’ll instantly attract more Chinese travellers.

Chinese Travellers are Most Interested in Upscale Experiences

When you book Chinese travellers, there’s a good chance you are going to be able to increase your profit margins. They are interested in unique experiences that can’t be found elsewhere, and they are willing to pay for them. Health and wellness experiences, for example, are trending amongst Chinese travellers. If you add a yoga session to your tour of the local area, Chinese travellers are likely to pay more in order to enjoy this added benefit. Cater your products to the experience that Chinese travellers want, because this is a motivated market that is willing to pay higher prices in order to enjoy luxurious moments while travelling.

Chinese Travellers are Looking Into Exotic Destinations

While Chinese travellers have long been interested in the most popular travel destinations across the globe, exotic and lesser-known destinations are currently trending amongst this demographic. This is great news for tour and activity operators, who can offer experiences beyond the basic attractions that everyone sees when they reach their destination. If you are located in a big city that draws tourists in from across the globe, consider creating day trips to quieter locales with more charm and culture. If you are in a more exotic destination, Chinese travellers will already be more motivated to work with you.

Connecting with Chinese travellers doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have a channel manager that allows you to connect with many different types of distribution agents, you will be able to partner with Chinese OTAs. Chinese OTAs, such as CTrip, provide you with the most access to Chinese travellers who are interested in the products that you offer. When you invest in the Rezdy online booking system, you get a simple, user-friendly channel manager that allows you to connect with these types of OTAs.

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