Everybody Heard it Before: The Chinese Travel Industry is Booming. But What is Actually Happening?

Everybody Heard it Before: The Chinese Travel Industry is Booming. But What is Actually Happening?

For years, the Chinese travel market has been heralded as the market to capture for your tour and activity business. While Chinese travelers still represent the largest outbound travel market across the globe, it’s important to understand what’s actually happening with this powerful demographic.

What’s Been Trending

  • Luxury Travel — Chinese travelers are interested in high-end products and luxury experiences. They are willing to spend more in order to get more, as long as they trust in your business. Work on developing consumer trust both online and through your products, and you will see an increase in revenue per customer.
  • Health and Wellness Travel — Chinese travelers prioritize their health, and they seek to continue exercising, eating well and participating in rejuvenating experiences while they travel. Emphasize your health and wellness products in order to attract these customers.
  • Ecotourism — Many people traveling from China live in urban areas with high populations, and they love to escape to the great outdoors when they can. Natural settings are becoming increasingly desirable to these travelers.

What’s Rising in Popularity

  • Exotic Destinations — Chinese travelers are extending the limits of travel and heading to lesser-known, exotic destinations. Popular places to visit include Dubai, Bali and Seoul.
  • Travel Beyond Asia — In the past years, many Chinese travelers stayed within the continent of Asia, but now they are looking to destinations that are farther away.
  • Mobile Bookings — Chinese travelers are a tech-savvy group, and they are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology. They are more likely to book on a mobile device than they are to book on a desktop computer or over the phone.

What You Can Do

  • Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns — Now that you understand what Chinese travelers are looking for out of their travel experiences, you can create a marketing campaign that caters to their needs and wants.
  • Optimize Your Site for Mobile Use — Make sure that you invest in a responsive web design that automatically adjusts to mobile platforms. Improve your website by allowing mobile booking, and make sure that you have a simple, functional booking form for travelers to use.
  • Partner with Chinese OTAs — Through your Channel Manager, connect with Chinese OTAs. These OTAs have the most access to this group of travelers, who are more motivated than ever before to get out and explore the world around them. With live availability and a simple online booking process, you’re sure to increase your bookings with Chinese travelers.

Appealing to Chinese travelers can be beneficial for your tour and activity business, particularly if you are located in one of the up-and-coming destinations that these travelers are considering. Of course, your distribution strategy should help you reach out to a wide variety of demographics from around the world.

By having a broad spectrum of tours and activities available, people of all ages, backgrounds and interests will be booking your tours. To find out more information about improving your distribution network, download the Rezdy distribution ebook today. With Rezdy you can connect to Haiwan, a tour and activity distribution platform specialized in the Chinese market.

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