If you talked to a group of travelers, you’d probably find that each individual has a different idea of what makes a trip memorable and fun. Varying tastes, styles and comfort levels dictate the way that people travel, but there’s usually one thing that all tourists have in common: They like to save money. By offering promo codes on your tours and activities, you will motivate people to book directly with you and you will earn incremental sales.

Here’s what you need to know about creating the best promo codes in the travel industry:

Use Promo Codes in Your Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting ads are the advertisements you can use to capture customers who may have drifted away from your website without finalizing their reservation. It should be noted that 97% of your site visitors will never convert into customers, but the 3% who were most interested in your products can be convinced to book. Retargeting ads encourage visitors to head back to your website to make their booking. By including a promo code in the retargeting ad, you could provide a customer with the motivation that they need in order to book their tour through you. Offering them a promo code worth 15% off will make them feel like a valued customer, and they will appreciate getting a good deal on your products.

Advertise Promo Codes with Agents who Reach Large Audiences

OTAs and other large travel agents make ideal partners, because they have access to a huge group of highly-motivated travelers. These travelers are only going to search the options available through the OTA, and they won’t be bothered to look through the search engine results in order to find your individual website. You might want to consider creating a specific promo code to share with OTAs. This will allow you to track the incremental sales that you earn through these agents, and it also helps you gain more customers through the OTAs. OTAs know that their customers love a discount, and they will understand which demographics will be most receptive to your latest promotion. This marketing technique is a great way to drive last-minute sales, and fill up the empty seats on your next tour bus. In addition, it helps you build brand awareness throughout the industry.

Promo codes and various promotional campaigns are easy to implement when you have Rezdy as your online booking system. As the only system created specifically for tour and activity providers, Rezdy understands that you need to be able to offer promo codes that are easy for your customers to redeem using your online booking portal. In addition, you must be able to track the results of your promotional campaigns with real and concrete numbers, as this is the only way you will understand which promo codes drive in the most incremental sales.

To find out the best practices for creating promo codes and other innovative ways to market your tours and activities online, download our online marketing ebook today.

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