Emails are essential to your marketing success. In fact, MarketingSherpa found that email drives both online and offline purchases.

Rezdy has very powerful email marketing and operations tools that you may or may not be taking full advantage of.

In this blog post, we walk you through everything you can do with emails in Rezdy.

Automate engagement with your customers

Rezdy’s automated emails feature allows you to automatically send a bunch of emails so that your customer communications are consistent across the board.

Confirmation email

Booking confirmation emails are automatically generated by Rezdy to give your customers peace of mind after they have filled out your booking form.


You can add custom text, images, show and hide features, and see how your email will look with orders you currently have.

Click here for Confirmation Emails setup instructions.

You can also trigger a confirmation email from the Order itself (tutorial here).

Reminder email

In Rezdy, you can send up to 3 automatic emails before the tour starts. Use this to avoid no-shows and disappointed customers.

Some ideas:

  • Say thank you for making a booking, saying we value your business and look forward to meeting you.
  • If they didn’t buy the extras that you previously offered them, this is your second shot. For example, “It will get a bit wet out there – do you have a waterproof camera? We don’t want yours to break, so you can rent one from us…” You may even want to give them a coupon code that they can use to sweeten the deal.
  • How many times have customers shown up with the wrong shoes? Remind them what they need to bring so they’re as comfortable as possible.
  • Send a reminder email 1 hour before the tour starts, with a map, what to bring, and the guide’s contact details.

Each email reiterates your Terms & Conditions.

Click here for the complete tutorial.

Follow up email

Send up to 3 follow-up emails after your customer’s experience with you.

Some ideas:

  • Ask customers how their tour was, and ask for them to rate you on TripAdvisor.
  • Drive social traffic. For example, say, “Your photos/videos have been added to our Facebook page! Check it out here.” Include links to your other social profiles and ask for a follow.
  • Encourage repeat customers. Offer specific promotions for complementary products. You can include giveaways and free samples.

Many of your customers may be traveling and never be in the area again. That’s ok. Even a single review from them helps you build up your reputation.

Click here for complete instructions.

automate emails

Payment request emails

Sometimes, you just want to be able to take a deposit – but following up with your customers can quickly turn into a hassle!

We’ve got your back. In Rezdy, you can automatically send up to 3 payment request emails for customers who have only paid a booking deposit.

It looks like this:

Click here for the full tutorial.

Trigger email campaigns

You can link Rezdy to your email marketing software this via Zapier (if Zapier integrates with your email marketing software), or through WebHooks.

For example, through Zapier, Rezdy connects you to MailChimp so you can trigger your marketing emails based on contacts created in Rezdy.

Similarly, through WebHooks, you can link external web services – including email marketing software –  to Rezdy, beyond what integrates with Zapier.

If you want some tips on choosing email marketing software, we’ve written a few blogs to help:

You’ll need the Premium Plan or above for these features.

Rezdy integrations

Track customer communications

Keeping all of your past communications with your customers in one place is absolutely necessary if you want to make things run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Rezdy CRM

Send an email directly from a customer’s Order

You have to send both simple and automated emails when viewing a customer’s Order.


All of your communications with this customer can be viewed so that no matter which staff member communicated with them, you can see the most up to date information on what’s been said.

Click here for full instructions.

Track email delivery status

Rezdy reports the status of your email right within the interface. You can see whether it has been delivered, opened, clicked, or if it bounced.

email tracking

Click here for full instructions.

automated SMS

What’s Next?

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