There is a growing trend among people buying gifts for friends and loved ones towards buying experiences as gifts rather than buying objects. This is not for nothing – tour and activity experiences make for awesome gifts – and with Rezdy gift cards, you can make yours available for purchase as a gift directly on your website!

Want to find out how to become a successful tour operator through the power of gift cards? Here’s what you need to know about Gift Cards in Rezdy.

What are ‘Gift Cards’ and when should you use them?

Gift Cards are a distinct product type in Rezdy can be used when you want to allow customers to purchase Gift Cards towards a product.

You can define the Gift Card to be:

  • Fixed amount
  • Specific product
  • Specific catalog

To your customer, it looks like this:

gift cards

There are two ways to send the card:

  1. Customer purchases Gift Card, Recipient receives email Gift Card.
  2. Customer purchases Gift Card, Purchaser receives email and gives to Recipient in person.

How can you create Gift Cards?

When you create a new Product, make sure you select Gift Card in the Product Type section.

gift cards

Fill in all of the fields required.

In terms of Gift Card Value:

  • Fixed amount: The gift card is equivalent to cash. It can be used for any product and extra.
  • Specific product: This gift card can only be used to book the selected product. The gift card price(s) matches the product’s price(s)
  • Specific product – Custom price: This gift card can only be used to book the selected product, but its selling price is not the product’s price
  • Specific catalog:  This gift card can be used to book any product within the selected catalog

Then, all you need to do is add the finishing touches with your imagery and description.

Please note that when you add an additional Extra to a Gift Card Product, it only applies to the Gift Card itself – they are not included in the Gift Card value.

For example, an Extra on a Gift Card would be for Postage or Printing Custom Cards. They are not intended for your product Extras, such as a Helmet or Bike Rental Product.

Click here for full setup instructions.

How can gift recipients book using their Gift Cards?

It’s simple – once the gift recipient has the voucher code in hand, all they need to do is apply it on checkout when they make a booking on your website.

First, they receive the email.

gift cards

Then, they apply it straight onto your booking form.

gift cards

What’s Next?

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