What to Expect with Website A/B Testing: Are You Ready to Start?

What to Expect with Website A/B Testing: Are You Ready to Start?

As a tour and activity provider, you want to make sure your website works for your customer base. It’s one of the most important components of your overall business — aside from actual experiences that you provide — so you need to verify that it’s driving in traffic and improving your conversions. One way you can evaluate your website is by performing A/B Testing.

What is A/B Testing and How is It Performed?

A/B Testing is the process of comparing two different versions of your website in order to see performance changes. Essentially, the test requires you to showcase two different versions of your website to similar visitors during the same time frame. Version A results and Version B results will be compared, and you can decide which changes to make to the page in order to increase your conversions.

In order to perform an A/B Test, you can follow the Scientific Method. Ask a question, complete research, form a hypothesis, test your theory and analyze the results. In general, each version should reach out to at least +/- 300 visitors. For some small tour and activity providers, it can take a long time to reach this number of visitors for each version, so patience is critical during the testing period.

Tips for A/B Testing

  • Establish goals for your test. In most cases, the overall goal is to increase customer conversions. You may also create other goals for your A/B Test, such as increasing the number of clicks on links throughout the site or increasing the number of visitors to the page. In some cases, more complex goals can be established and evaluated using customer conversion codes. You will want to decide on the goals for your particular test prior to beginning the process.
  • Test big things. Don’t waste time and resources performing an A/B Test in order to see the changes associated with a different color button. If you change small things, you’re going to get small results. Test big things, and you’ll see the big changes that need to be made in order to increase conversions and boost your bookings. Examples of changes you should test include a large photo of families enjoying the tour versus a large photo of children enjoying the same activity, or you could use a headline on your content versus a testimonial. These ideas are larger concept changes, and can give you the results you need to move your business forward.

A/B Testing is just one way that you can determine what needs to be done in order to increase your conversions on your website. You also can consider updating and improving your distribution strategy in order to connect with more agents who will resell your tours and activities. By creating a dynamic strategy that evaluates your technology and actively seeks to broaden your customer base, your tour company will enjoy success that will last for years to come. To find out more information about the best ways to improve your distribution strategy, download our distribution ebook today.

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