‘Experience Again’ Offers: A way to start building customer loyalty

‘Experience Again’ Offers: A way to start building customer loyalty

Even whilst in survival mode, it’s important, for many reasons, to cast an eye to the future: where should tour and activity operators focus marketing efforts to begin rebuilding bookings?

The answer might be closer than you think. Many operators are sitting on an untapped goldmine. Your contact database. Whether that be email addresses or phone numbers, a simple marketing campaign to past guests could reap your business rewards AND a new-found customer loyalty that you might not have considered.

What do we mean by an ‘Experience Again’ offer?

To put it simply, it’s a loyalty discount aimed at encouraging past customers to come back through your doors at a discounted rate. It’s as easy as setting up a promo code and sending it to your database through the contact details you have available on file.

Within Rezdy, it’s a feature available on all plans and can be applied to specific products or sessions under the Inventory section within your Rezdy App. Here’s our easy to follow how-to guide.

Who should you target?

All evidence suggests that recovery will be in the domestic market first as restrictions are slower to lift for international travel. You’ve probably heard this already, but think local first. If your email data has captured a country, state, province or city, use this first to target those within easy reach so could visit sooner.

Why local first?

Engaging local travellers is good for your local economy. It will also help you in your next phase of recovery. 

How? You’re effectively building an army of influencers passionate about the destination they share with the experience you offer. So, when potential customers start coming from further afield, your local destination effectively helps you with your marketing by referring your business through positive sentiment and word of mouth.

What else should I consider with an ‘Experience Again’ campaign?

People have never been so focused on health and safety than at this moment in time. In your ‘Experience Again’ campaign, tell your database what your business is doing to ensure their safety such as:

Social distancing measures:

  • Explain how many customers you will allow on each session of your experience 
  • Be upfront on how you or your staff will ensure that appropriate distance is kept between groups on your experience
  • You may want to consider proof of download of your local COVID-19 safety app at the check in to your experience as peace of mind that contact tracing could be conducted in a worst-case scenario


  • Explain to customers access to hand sanitizers and/or alcohol wipes
  • Discuss how equipment is cleaned between sessions
  • If a pen is required, recommend that the client bring their own
  • Show proof of signage on how you’re adhering to your government’s health and safety guidelines regarding COVID-19 to demonstrate you’re taking this seriously

Don’t forget to reconnect after their experience:

  • Create a hashtag guests can use during your experience.  Request access to imagery and videos after their experience that you can use in later campaigns and to build social awareness. 
  • Ask for a review. TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, the list goes on. Focus on the core review sites that matter most to your experience. Don’t be afraid to put more than one link in your follow up communications. That way you capture a network of reviews across medium outlets your guests feel most comfortable with

There’s a strong sentiment to help each other during this period. Empathetic messages will do well at this time.

Before you get started, be sure to follow your current local government guidelines on hygiene, group sizes, and social distancing measures.

How Do You Create a Promo Code in Rezdy?

Promo codes are available on all Rezdy Booking Software plans. They’re easy to set up. Simply follow the promo set up guide for existing customers. If you’re considering Rezdy, you can access promo codes during your 21 Day Free Trial.

If you’re looking for additional ways to sure up cash flow during COVID-19, you may like the article ‘Offering Gift Cards to Maintain Cash Flow During Tough Times’.


Written By – Ricki Hudson – Marketing Manager – Partnerships & Acquisition, Rezdy

Ricki has worked at Rezdy since 2018. Ricki has nearly 15 years of marketing experience, predominantly in the tourism sector. Ricki is passionate about helping the sector grow through strong eco-systems and networks to the betterment of the industry.

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