5 key features you should look for in a tour reservations software system

5 key features you should look for in a tour reservations software system

Booking software is a necessity when you run a tour and activity business. Regardless of whether you operate a small independent tour company that is open seasonally or you manage a chain of corporate franchises, you need a reservations system that is adaptable and innovative. There are lots of options on the market. It’s important to know which features you absolutely need in a tour reservations software system. Here are the five features you can’t live without:

#1. Inventory management

It’s impossible to run a 21st-century tour and activity company without a reservations system that effectively manages your inventory and resources. Double bookings are an easy way to lose loyal customers, and insufficient resources are a quick way to earn some negative online feedback. Your booking software should instantly account for all bookings and resources needed for those bookings across all distribution platforms.

#2. Payment gateways

Payment gateways allow you to process secure payment transactions from customers across the globe, which is particularly pivotal to tour and activity providers who work with an international customer base. Rezdy is a unique booking software because it not only offers its own secure payment gateway, but it also provides you with an opportunity to integrate with other top payment gateways, including PayPal, eWAY and Braintree.

#3. Third-party plugins

Third-party plugins allow you to customize your online reservations system and make it work better for your business. Without this capability, you are stuck with the stock options available through your online booking software, and you may find that this limits your ability to grow your business and stay on top of industry trends. Rezdy connects with a variety of third-party plugins, including Xero and Werewolf.

#4. Online and offline reservations management

As a tour and activity operator, you need to be able to manage your bookings from anywhere at anytime. Not only do you need a cloud-based online reservations system, but you also need a booking software that allows you to manage your reservations when you are offline. You should never be left without the information and data you need to run your business on a daily basis.

#5. Seamless connections to distribution partners

Even the smallest tour and activity company can become a global brand with the right distribution strategy. However, it’s impossible to implement a distribution strategy without a seamless connection. The Rezdy channel manager allows you to instantly connect to all of your distribution partners and to provide them with your live rates and availability.

As the premier booking software for tour and activity operators around the globe, Rezdy offers all of these features and more. Rezdy was the first reservations system available for the tour and activity sector, and it continues to be a leader in the travel industry. In addition to these critical and necessary features, Rezdy has an abundance of unique and innovative features that can help you customize your business and increase your bookings.

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