From Hero to Zero: 5 Worst Website Traits for Tour Operators

From Hero to Zero: 5 Worst Website Traits for Tour Operators

When it comes to improving your tour and activity website, you may start to focus on everything that you must include in order to attract site visitors and convert them into customers. Knowing the best practices for your website is important, but it’s also necessary to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can actually drive away your target audience.

Here’s 5 of the worst website traits in the tour and activity industry:

A self-absorbed website.

Obviously, the focus of your website should be your business and the tours and activities that you offer. But you need to be careful to avoid talking about yourself too much. Instead, focus on your potential customers and the travelers who will be experiencing your tour products. The best way to do this is to write all of your web content in the second person, as the frequent use of “you” will make your visitors feel comfortable and welcomed.

A website that lacks encouragement.

You need to do more than just provide your site visitors with accurate tour descriptions, vivid photographs and social proof of the customer experience that you offer. You need to guide your visitors through the online booking process so that they convert into customers. You can do this by asking questions such as “Do you want more information?” Or you can encourage your customers by adding large “Book Now” buttons on your different landing pages.

A cluttered website.

Just as having too many things on your desk in your office or on your counter at home will cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed, a cluttered website will do the same to your target audience. Make sure that each page of your website has a purpose, and focus on that specific purpose only. Rather than having one or two large pages with endless information, create landing pages for each aspect of your tour and activity company.

A website that isn’t engaging.

Your website is not a one-way communication tool with your customers. It should be used as a portal that allows you to reach out and engage your target audience. You can do this by linking your website with all of your social networking pages, such as your Facebook profile and your Instagram account. In addition, make sure that your website has a responsive web design that allows mobile users to easily navigate your page.

A frustrating website.

The user experience is one of the most important aspects of your website. If your site speed is too slow, visitors will simply abandon your page. If your booking form is too long and cumbersome, they are going to move onto another tour and activity company that offers a simpler online booking process. You need a website that is easy for anyone to use.

Your website is a key component of your online marketing strategy. It should integrate seamlessly with your tour and activity technology, including your online booking system. To learn more about how Rezdy can be the best way to improve your website, begin your free trial today.

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