The members of Generation X are between the ages of 35 and 50. They are in the midst of solid, stable stage of life in which consistency and routine are important in balancing their busy lives. They don’t have the wealth or freedom of the Baby Boomers, and they aren’t as tech-savvy and spontaneous as Millennials. Which is why understanding Gen X travel trends is the key to increasing bookings among this segment.

While Gen X is a less motivated market segment than others, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Rather, you should create unique products that appeal to them.

Gen X prefers short, domestic trips

Generation X are in the stage of life when weekends are dedicated to sports tournaments and paychecks are divided between bills. They don’t have a lot of time or money to get away, so they’re often looking for nearby destinations where they can enjoy quality time with their families. About 43 percent of Gen X travellers book travel that allows them to use their own car for transportation, rather than booking a flight or a cruise. You can appeal to this group by creating low-cost tour products that will motivate those who live locally to book with you.

Gen X love family-friendly tours and activities

As this generation is highly influenced by their current stage of life, it’s not surprising that this group of travellers is often booking family vacations. In many cases, they are booking a trip that will need to appeal to several children in various age groups. Emphasize the fact that your products are exciting and interesting for people of all ages and that your company is accommodating to children. You’ll become a quick favourite among the members of Generation X.

Gen X appreciates the convenience of a package deal


Gen X is likely to use social media and other online tools for travel inspiration, but they don’t like to complete their trips with a-la carte booking. They prefer using daily deal sites to get awesome experiences for a better price. They also prefer using OTAs to book all-inclusive vacation packages. Noting this, you should create packages for tours that include meals or souvenirs.

Gen X often travels to celebrate milestone moments


Gen X loves planning in advance, which is why they base a lot of their travel around milestone moments. Whether it’s a trip for their 40th birthday or a romantic getaway celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, they’ll begin planning and saving for this trip in advance. Offer upgrades or enhancements to your tour packages that’ll appeal to travellers celebrating a special moment in their lives.

Currently, about 25 percent of the population is part of Gen X . This means that this is a market segment that you should attempt to capture. By better understanding Gen X, you can design tour and activity products that’ll increase bookings.

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