The word Millennial has become a buzz-word in just about every industry, and the travel industry is no exception. But while tour and activity companies as well as accommodations providers, airlines and restaurants, attempt to adjust their products to meet the needs and expectations of those ages 24 to 35, a new generation is coming of age.

Generation Z is the name for the group of young adults between the ages of 18 and 23. This generation is coming into its own, and is traveling nearly as much as the oft-discussed Millennials. Recent data published by Skift shows that those in Generation Z travel an average of 29 days per year — nearly one entire month!


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Skift highlighted important facts about this blossoming generation in an infographic, and we break it down:

  • Generation Z is most likely to book a trip in order to visit family. Nearly 56 percent of Generation Z travelers head to a destination to reconnect with family members, but that only slightly eclipses the 51 percent who travel to relax and the 45 percent who opt to go sight-seeing. Like the Millennials who have come before them, Generation Z travelers value experiences over material things. It is expected that travel will remain a top priority for them throughout adulthood.
  • The majority of Generation Z travelers are budget-savvy consumers. This isn’t a surprising fact, considering those in this generation are just entering into adulthood. Many of them are students who are strapped with additional expenses, or are just taking on their first professional role. Nearly 81 percent of Generation Z travelers report that they consider their budget when finalizing their travel plans. In addition, 93 percent are motivated to book a particular travel experience because they feel they have found a great deal. Promo codes, packages that include valuable extras and daily deals are likely going to help motivate a Generation Z traveler to book one of your tour and activity products.
  • Generation Z is heavily influenced by social media. This generation has been using social media from adolescence onward, and they have been relying on mobile technology for most of their lives. The data shows that 90 percent of Generation Z travelers make their decisions based on social media posts. While Millennials may be more apt to spend their time on Facebook or Twitter, this generation prefers to use Snapchat and Instagram to get inspiration for their next trips and validation from family members and friends who also use those sites. When they see posts from others getting out there and being active outdoors, they are more likely to hop on their favorite search engine and find out more information about possible travel experiences. This emphasis on social media is noticeably different from Gen X travel trends and the travel practices of older generations

While you are likely perfecting your experiential tours and authentic excursions for Millennial travelers, you’ll also want to amp up your social media marketing strategy and budget-friendly options for the up-and-coming Generation Z. For more information on these types of generations, download Rezdy’s Travel Tourism Glossary ebook today.

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