It wasn’t that long ago that travelers were going to multiple websites on their laptop or desktop computer to figure out the logistics for their upcoming trips. They would read reviews on TripAdvisor, spend some time checking out a business’s Facebook page and then head to its website to book directly. But now, you need to get a book a tour button on TripAdvisor to survive in the global marketplace.

This is due to the fact that time-strapped travelers are now heavily dependent on their mobile devices. They may be reading reviews on the TripAdvisor app and decide that you are the tour and activity company they want to book with. But they likely aren’t going to head to your website to finalize that process. They will want to click a convenient booking button right on your TripAdvisor page.

So, how do you get a book a tour button on TripAdvisor? We will tell you.

Begin by improving your TripAdvisor listing

Before you add that powerful book a tour button to your TripAdvisor page, you’ll want to make sure that your TripAdvisor profile is optimized. Add fresh, high-resolution images to your page, ensure that all contact information is correct and make sure that you are interacting with the reviewers who are leaving feedback about their experiences. TripAdvisor is one of the largest traveler resources available, and an increasing number of travelers use it to verify that the experience they are booking is going to be worthwhile.

Contract with Viator

TripAdvisor recently acquired Viator, which gives tour operators an opportunity to use both platforms simultaneously. First, you need to become a Viator supplier. Then, once you have contracted with Viator, you will be able to add a book a tour button on TripAdvisor as well as on Viator. Not only do you get to utilize both platforms for your business, but you also will get exclusive placements on the TripAdvisor page, which will improve your visibility among the most motivated traveler market segments.

Use Rezdy to integrate seamlessly with Viator

Those who are interested in onboarding with Viator will find that they have to meet a list of requirements before they can become a supplier. While Rezdy does not have an exclusive relationship with Viator, Viator has been known to prefer tour and activity operators that use real-time booking software for their business. Mention Rezdy in your onboarding application. It is not a guarantee that you will get selected, but it will significantly improve your chances.

Rezdy is the online booking software that is constantly on the cutting edge of industry developments and trends. Our innovative online booking solution and channel manager can easily integrate with the top social platforms and distribution agents, making it possible for you to sell your tours in as many places as possible. Ultimately, this increases your exposure as well as your bookings.

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Image credit: Benjamin Voros