Your tour and activity company needs a strong presence on Facebook. Facebook is likely the most well-known and widely-used social networking site across the globe. It’s been around for more than a decade, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Providing you with a place to post photographs, upload videos and now even broadcast on Facebook Live, this social networking site plays an important role in your online marketing strategy. In order to get the most out of your Facebook page, you need people to like it. Here’s how you can get more likes on your tour company’s page.

Send an Automated E-mail Requesting a Facebook Like

Include a link to your Facebook page in the automatic confirmation e-mail that is sent to your customers immediately after they book your tours. Most of your customers will have booked with you online, and you can collect data from them at this time. After they complete a tour, send an e-mail that has a few photographs from recent tours on it. Encourage your customers to head to your Facebook page where they will find more photos from the tour that they enjoyed, and like the page for continued updates. You also should remind your customers to tag you and include any relevant hashtags if they happen to post their own photos of your tours on Facebook. Those photos will be shared with their friends and followers on Facebook, and it will help you increase your brand awareness.

Send an automatic e-mail to your customers after they have completed their tour asking them to connect with you on Facebook. People expect to receive an automatic e-mail confirming their reservation, but you can take advantage of this opportunity to connect with your customers in other ways. Immediately after booking, your customers are going to be excited about your products and ready to learn more about your company. Include a link to your Facebook page in the confirmation e-mail, and ask them to like it. Remind them that they will get additional information about tours, upcoming events and promotions, and let them know that there are plenty of photos and videos to enjoy on the page as well. You can easily generate buzz about your business when you encourage your customers to like your page prior to arriving in your destination for their activity.

Sending automatic e-mails to different groups of customers is easy when you implement Rezdy, the only online booking system designed specifically for tour and activity providers. Through Rezdy, you can set up confirmation e-mails that are sent instantly to customers after they book their tours online. You also can select specific groups of people, and schedule automatic e-mails in advance. These e-mails can be customized and adjusted at any time, so you can make updates whenever you need to.

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