Why Gift Cards are Becoming More Important for Tour Operators

Why Gift Cards are Becoming More Important for Tour Operators

Gift cards are a preferred option for both the recipient and the person purchasing the gift. They are easy to buy, convenient to send to someone special and most appreciated by the person who receives the present. If you’re not offering gift cards at your tour company, you need to make it a top priority for your business.

3 Reasons Why Gift Cards are Important for Tour Operators

    1. The gift of experience is becoming more valued, especially amongst younger generations who value opportunities over new stuff. Rather than spend money on an expensive item that might not even get used, more people are looking to give the gift of an experience. For instance, a grandmother might purchase a gift card for a skydiving adventure for her grandchild who is graduating. The recipient is likely to appreciate this thoughtful gift that gives them the chance to enjoy something new, and the purchaser enjoys the ease of buying a gift card rather than dealing with the stress of heading out shopping to find just the right item.
    2. There’s the potential that a gift card sale can result in free money for your business. In some cases, a person receives a gift card or purchases a gift card, but then never takes the time to book a tour or activity. As a business, this is a win-win scenario. You have earned income from the purchase of the gift card, but the customer never takes advantage of the opportunity. You don’t spend money on any resources, but you get the boost in revenue anyway. You might decide to set an expiration date on your gift cards so that someone does not show up years down the road with an unused card. Many tour companies prefer gift cards to be used within a year of the initial purchase.
    3. Gift cards allow your customers the flexibility they need to take your tours when it is convenient for them. Without gift cards, a traveler might decide to book one of your tours on a specific date as a surprise for someone that they love. However, that day might not be convenient for them, and they may not be able to make it. With gift cards, your customers and agents have more flexibility and they can book a tour at a time that works well for them. Ultimately, this improves their experience and helps them appreciate the gift that they have received even more. Besides that, gift cards are a great tool to increase your website’s conversion.

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