Tour, activity and attraction operators can unlock the gift experiences trend

For decades, consumer culture has encouraged people to purchase as much as they possibly can. It seemed that the size and price tags of products increased exponentially, as people strove to purchase the best possible gifts for those on their holiday shopping lists.  Today people are finding that simpler is better. Rather than purchasing a dozen items to wrap for a birthday or a holiday, they are investing in the gift of an experience. This is good news for those in the tour activity industry. Here’s how you can take advantage of the gift experiences trend.

Offer gift cards at your tour or activity company

The first step in taking advantage of this trend is to begin offering gift cards at your tour and activity company. Gift cards are the simplest and most convenient gift to give, and people love to be able to easily purchase one directly from your website. You could offer gift cards for varying amounts, allowing your customers to select the price that fits their budget for the gift they are giving. Or, you could create gift cards that equal the amount of one of your tours. For example, you could offer a gift card that covers the cost of one tour or a gift card that covers the cost of a tour for a couple.

Create packages for special occasions

When giving the gift of experience, people are often searching for something that will help them celebrate that specific occasion. For instance, a husband who is hoping to purchase a special gift for their milestone anniversary will want to make sure that it’s extra special. You could create tour packages for these types of occasions that include additional experiences. This of things like a glass of champagne while on the tour or a special souvenir to commemorate it. Then, you could sell gift cards for these specific packages.

Sell products that complement your experiences

When creating the perfect present for someone special, sometimes people still want something concrete to go along with the experiential gift. At your tour and activity gift shop, considering adding inventory that would make the perfect complement for your gift cards. For example, if you own a wine tour company, sell wine glasses with your brand logo on them. A wine glass with your gift card tucked inside makes an ideal gift for any occasion. The possibilities are endless when it comes to giving the gift of experience. Your brand simply needs to make the extra effort to take advantage of this rising industry trend.

The gift of experience is not limited to the holiday season. You can use these tips to market your tour and activity products for any upcoming holiday or event. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just a few to consider. Don’t forget that every traveler is always searching for a future birthday gift or anniversary present.

Make sure that you have the right technology in place at your tour and activity company. Before you join the gift experiences trend start your free demo or trial of Rezdy today. Or read more blogs.

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