Google Analytics Integration for Tour Operators: Benefits and How-to Guide

Google Analytics Integration for Tour Operators: Benefits and How-to Guide

Google Analytics is the one tool that you need to have in order to understand the functionality of your website and to make improvements in the future. Essentially, this tool is designed to track the visitors that you receive, identify where those visitors came from, and take note of what they are doing while they are on your site. With data compiled from this tool, you can make better marketing decisions for your tour and activity business.

It will help you set up goals for your tours and activities.

Through the program, you can focus on specific goals for your company, such as increasing the number of unique visitors, increasing conversions or attracting visitors from a specific geographic area. It will help identify the types of visitor profiles that you need to focus on with your SEO campaigns in order to attract an audience to your website that is ready to make a purchase. In addition to helping you hone your SEO campaign, it also can assist you in developing a marketing strategy that works for your goals for your tour and activity business.

It allows you to identify the number of conversions you receive.

It’s easy enough to get a website counter in order to track the number of visitors that you receive on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. However, these numbers mean nothing in terms of your product sales. Through Google Analytics, you can identify the unique visitors that you have received and take note of how many of those visitors converted into customers. This tool allows you to track your progress in achieving your goals, and make changes as necessary in order to increase the number of conversions for your website.

It can show you where your website is working, and where it needs improvement.

It will show you which pages on your website attract the most visitors, and also which pages keeps visitors engaged for the longest period of time. It even gives you percentages about the people who leave your website, which is known as your bounce rate. You can use this information in order to analyze what works on the most popular pages, and update the less popular pages with those specific features. There’s so many metrics to choose from, you’ll never get bored of uncovering the latest data about your website and streamlining the functions of your tour operators software.