Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is something that every 21st century tour operator needs to be familiar with. Creating and implementing an effective SEO strategy allows a tour and activity provider to boost their search engine rankings and increase their visibility with their target audience.

However, it can be difficult to stay on top of the ever-changing SEO industry, particularly if you specialize in amazing tours rather than web development. The search engines are constantly changing and refining their algorithms in order to better serve the end user, and this often has an impact on the ability of an individual business to remain relevant on the search engine results page.

Here’s a few things that you need to know about recent Google algorithm changes and how they impact businesses in the travel industry, including tour and activity providers:

  • Google is looking beyond the keywords, and focusing on the intent of the searcher. By focusing on the actual intent of the searcher rather than just boosting the page that mentions the keyword as frequently as possible, Google is able to better refine the results for the user and quickly give them the information they need. Tour and activity providers can help fulfill the intent of the searcher by providing valuable content on their website that includes relevant information about their tours and activities.
  • Google is ranking valuable content that matches the intent of the user higher than other types of content on the search engine results page. Google is starting to recognize that certain content types and formats are more relevant to users, depending on what they are searching. For example, a person who searches “What to pack on my beach vacation” may receive articles¬†at the top of the search engine results page,¬†while someone who searches “how to pack my suitcase” might be more likely to receive a video at the top of the page, even though the searches are in principle the same.
  • The search engine also is evaluating the number of clicks an individual result receives as well as how long users remain on the top-ranked pages. This means that certain factors, such as keyword frequency and density, may not play as significant of a role moving forward as they have in the past. Tour and activity providers can encourage user engagement and longer site stays by offering different types of content on their website landing pages.

SEO is a complex concept that is notorious for its frequent changes. It can be overwhelming for an independent tour and activity provider to try to stay on top of all of the algorithm updates and continuously improve their SEO strategy. This is why it’s critical that you implement an online booking system that provides you with the information and resources you need in order to stay informed and make effective changes to your website content.

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