What is Google Things to do?

[Update: March 31st, 2022] Google has recently announced Google Things to do, the replacement to Reserve with Google for tour & activity operators. Google Things to do is a new search experience for tours, activities and attractions that enables direct bookings through a supplier’s website and other booking channels. Google Things to do was previously only available to tickets and attractions but is now also expanding into tours and activities.

Does Things to do work for tours & activities?

Google has recently released Google Things to do for tours & activities. Meaning, you can now send your tours & activities to Google through Rezdy, so you can kick start 2022 with more direct bookings. If you’re not a Rezdy booking software user, you can start your 21-day free trial here or contact us here to see how we can still partner with you to connect to Google through our Channel Manager

What does Google Things to do look like?

How does Google Things to do work? These are probably some of the first questions that’ll pop into your mind when thinking about the new Google experience for the travel industry.
Google Things to do differs from Reserve with Google in that customers will no longer be able to purchase tickets/ make bookings directly on Google.

When a user makes a search for a point of interest or attraction, for example, the Statue of Liberty; users will be able to click on a ‘Tickets’ tab. Here the user will be shown a list of ticket options. Each option is linked directly to the ticket supplier’s checkout page.

If the user continues to scroll down, they will be presented with a variety of experiences listings around the point of interest. As with the tickets, each listing is linked directly to the experience supplier’s checkout page.


Google Things to do example


These have launched on select business listings for 100% of users globally across mobile devices. Google is still working on the launch for desktops.

And, Google Things to do is a lot easier to set up than Reserve with Google was.
Aside from the easy setup, there are also:

4 Main Google Things to Do Benefits:

Google Things to do for tours and activities


1) An official site badge on your Google Things to do listing

The official site badge helps you stand out from your competitors. Especially when your listings are placed side by side. This may increase your direct bookings as consumer preferences have shifted towards direct bookings over reseller bookings. A recent study by GlobalData also found that 39% of consumers prefer to book directly, rather than through resellers. In fact, this number has been growing every year.

2) SEO benefits

Although not specifically mentioned by Google, similar to a Google My Business listing, setting up a Google Things to do listing will likely have positive SEO implications on your website. You’ll be getting a referral link from Google which is always a positive sign for SEO; as well as more direct traffic, which is a signal to Google that your website is useful.

3) Google Things to do is currently free to use

What does Google Things to do charge? How much does Things to do cost? Given Reserve with Google charged a commission, there is no surprise that these are some of the most asked questions.

The good news is – Things to do is currently free to use.

Google has just released a new ad format for Things to Do to further drive traffic, however, you can still access Things to do without using this paid option.

4) Opportunity to get more direct bookings

Google will now direct searches to your website booking form to complete a booking (only available for tours and activities providers that use an approved connectivity provider like Rezdy). Tours & activities providers also have an opportunity to display with a bookable link within searches for major attractions and points of interest.

A new Google ad format

Google has just introduced a new ad format for Things to do. The ads appear above the search results. It’ll show various details including photos, prices, your company’s name, and a booking link for the activity.

It’s worth noting that this new ad format is very similar to Google Shopping Ads – which now win 85.3% of all clicks across US online retail according to Adthena Search Advertising Report. Meaning this new ad format may capture the majority of clicks related to tours & activities searches in the future.

Furthermore, according to Adthena, Google Shopping ads outperformed text ads in terms of click/spend ratio, on both desktop and mobile. Considering how similar Google Shopping Ads are to the new ad format for Google Things to Do, this may be a spend channel worth considering. Especially if you already have a budget for Google search ads.

When will it be released?

Google Things to do has already been released. If you are a Rezdy customer, you can get connected right now.

You can also get connected with Google Things to do through Rezdy’s Channel Manager even if you don’t use Rezdy as your booking software. Contact us here to learn more.

As mentioned, Things to do was previously only available to attractions and ticketing businesses but is now also available to tour & activities operators. You can already start sending your tours & activities to Google through Rezdy.

Why use Rezdy’s Google Things to do integration?

Rezdy has dedicated resources continually working to ensure the richest and most up-to-date information is available to Google on behalf of our customers. We work with Google to regularly provide guidance to our suppliers on how best to position themselves in order to display within Google Things to do. Additionally, all suppliers with an integration with a Google-approved connectivity provider like Rezdy, are more likely to have higher search rankings as their content will be richer and more accurate.

The ability to have an “Official Site” badge with a direct link to a supplier’s booking page is also only available to tours & activities providers with a reservation system integration, and it is the only way to participate in Things to do paid advertising.

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