Heat Map Tracking: Learn What Your Website Visitors See Before They Book

Heat Map Tracking: Learn What Your Website Visitors See Before They Book

You’ve added all of the necessary features to your website — vivid photographs filled with action, a few videos that highlight your tours and a “Book Now” button that makes it easy to reserve a spot. Now, you need to figure out what actually captures the attention of your visitors on the site. Figuring out what people are looking at while they are browsing your site may seem impossible, but heat map tracking makes it easy!

What is Heat Map Tracking?

Heat map tracking is a visual representation of where users stop when they are on your tour and activity website. The heat maps are generated based on the number of clicks on specific links, the amount of time spent on a particular portion of the website and the scrolling behavior throughout the page.


Benefits of Heat Map Tracking

  • You will see what your visitors see. Heat map tracking is one of the easiest ways to discover what your visitors spend time looking at on your website. You will know whether your photos are interesting, whether your links are placed in the right spot, and whether your “Book Now” button is in the best place possible on the page.
  • You can discover the point where you lose the most visitors. This is a critical piece of information if you want to increase your conversions. If the features on your website are not grabbing and sustaining the attention of your visitors, you will lose them before they ever reach your booking form. When you find the place where people begin to drop off, you can edit your website in order to make sure that the most important information is above that point on the page. You also can consider making updates that make your website more valuable and interesting to your target audience.
  • You can evaluate the performance and efficiency of your forms. Booking forms are an essential part of your website when you are a tour and activity provider. You need this form in order to collect customer data and finalize the reservations for your tour. However, if your form is lengthy or cumbersome to fill out, many visitors may decide to move on to another company. Heat map tracking allows you to see which fields are completed most often, and which are left blank the majority of the time. You can use this data in order to update your form and simplify the online booking process for your guests. A quick and easy form will increase your conversions significantly.

Heat map tracking is an important resource that you can use in order to evaluate the overall performance of your website. This analytic tool allows you to uncover what works best about your website, and where you need to make improvements in order to increase conversions. In order to find out more information about website analytics and to discover new ways to update your website, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

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