For decades, travelers have come to expect a brochure display when they walk into a hotel lobby. Traditionally, guests of the hotel would spend time browsing through the different brochures in order to learn more about what was available in the area and what they could do on their trip. This was a great way for tour and activity providers to promote their products and generate bookings, and hotels ended up becoming a powerful distribution channel. Today, however, the digital age has overshadowed the print marketing products of the past. Travelers are far more likely to have done research online prior to arriving in their destination, and they aren’t going to pick up paper brochures and read them in the lobby. While it still doesn’t hurt to have these marketing materials for hoteliers in your destination, it’s important to try alternative ways of generating referral bookings from hotels.

What are Hotels Looking for in a Distribution Partner? 

  • Hotels want to provide their guests with the best service possible, and this often includes recommending tours and activities in the area for them to enjoy. They need to be able to identify tour and activity companies that offer great services at fair prices, and they will want to work with tour companies who are reliable.
  • Instead of handing their guests a paper brochure and asking their guests to make their own reservations, staff members at the hotel concierge desk prefer to be able to book their guests for their desired activities immediately. In other words, referral bookings from hotels are actually bookings they make with you on behalf of their customers. An individual who comes to the concierge desk should be able to get the service they need in a matter of moments.
  • Hoteliers believe that their role as a distribution partner deserves a commission fee, and they want to be able to collect their commissions easily and efficiently. They don’t want to have to follow up with tour and activity providers in the area in order to finalize the commission transaction.

How Can You Partner with Hotels in Your Area? 

The best way to increase the number of hotel partnerships that you have within your distribution network is to implement an online booking system that can be integrated with a hotel property management system. Rezdy provides its clients with an innovative Channel Manager that can be utilized by hoteliers who are interested in making referral bookings on behalf of their guests. Through Rezdy, the hotel concierge operator has access to your company’s live availability, and they can instantly book their guests on your tours. In addition, their commission fees are automatically calculated and paid for, which increases their motivation to book their guests with your company.

Whether your destination is filled with large corporate chain hotels or independent hoteliers, you will find that these travel businesses can be a powerful distribution partner for your own tour and activity company. In order to learn more about creating a partnership with hotel operators and generating additional referrals through hotels, you will want to download the Rezdy distribution ebook now.

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