TripAdvisor is one of the most powerful traveler review sites on the web, largely because so many people who enjoy exploring the world use it as a trusted resource. Anyone who is considering dining at a local restaurant with waterfront views, or who wants to book a tour in order to see the most famous sights in the city, will head to TripAdvisor in order to read reviews from actual customers and make decisions for their upcoming trip. As such, it’s important to have a positive presence on this website. The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is one way to enhance your online presence and increase the notoriety of your particular brand.

What is the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence?

This is an award that is given out by TripAdvisor to the travel businesses that consistently receive high review ratings on the website. It was established in 2010, and the award is used as a way to identify the most elite businesses that are featured on the site. As a tour and activity provider, it is an award that you want to strive to achieve, as travelers will trust these businesses the most when making plans for their next getaway.

Can Tour Operators and Activity Providers Receive a Certificate of Excellence?

Yes, anyone in the hospitality industry can receive this coveted award. Restaurants, hotels and tour and activity providers are included in those who are eligible.

How Can You Receive TripAdvisor’s certificate?

TripAdvisor awards this honor to businesses who qualify. An algorithm is used in order to determine which travel businesses are valued the most by their customers. Different factors are considered when determining if a business deserves the award:

  • The overall rating of the business
  • The ratings of the reviews on the business page
  • The popularity of the listing and the business in general
  • The number of reviews and how recently reviews were posted
  • Minimum qualifications for the Certificate of Excellence award include having a four-star rating
  • Meeting the minimum number of reviews required for the award
  • Maintaining a listing on the TripAdvisor site for at least one year

If you meet all of these qualifications, there is a chance that TripAdvisor will award you with this elite badge, which will only help to improve your reputation in the industry and throughout your local area. (More information about how to get the Excellence Award.)

As TripAdvisor is the largest review website in the industry you should make getting reviews on its platform a priority as you create your online marketing strategy. However you also will want to focus on other review sites (like Facebook, Google local business page, Yelp, etc., etc.).  Rezdy’s automated email feature allows you to request reviews the way you like.  Besides that, Rezdy has a direct integration with TripAdvisor’s review express to get you more reviews from actual customers.  Review websites are a perfect way to develop an online presence that helps you attract customers from across the globe.

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