Promoting your tours and activities to your target market segment requires you to combine traditional marketing methods with online advertising campaigns. One of the most effective ways to get direct bookings online is to develop a Google Adwords campaign.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising platform. Sometimes referred to as PPC campaigns, these online marketing campaigns are designed to drive visitors to your website. Through Adwords, you will use targeted keywords to attract the most motivated customers in your market. The goal is to get those visitors to your website and increase your traffic significantly while also converting those visitors into customers.

How to Increase Your Tour and Activity Bookings Through Google Adwords

  • Select the right keywords to focus on for your campaign. The keywords that you choose to focus on for your Adwords campaign should be the terms that your target audience may be using to find your tour and activity company. The best keywords for an Adwords campaign are going to include the activity that you offer as well as your destination. For example, if your tour company offers sightseeing tours of Sydney, you may want to launch an Adwords local campaign for the phrase “City Tours in Sydney.” The more specific the term, the better results you will get from your campaign.
  • Avoid repeating your Google Adwords campaigns. It may be tempting to repeat the same search term if your first campaign was a success, but it’s actually better practice to vary your keywords and launch different campaigns. This allows you to reach out to new market segments, and can broaden your reach within the travel industry. Focus on different aspects of what you have to offer in hopes of attracting a diverse group of travelers, such as adventure seekers, families and solo explorers.
  • Monitor your results. There are two goals of any good Adwords campaign. First, your campaign needs to drive traffic to your website. Second, the campaign needs to increase your customer conversion rate. Remember that you are paying each time someone clicks on your ad, so you want those who are clicking the ad to actually convert into customers. Collect data and evaluate metrics in order to see what is working and what isn’t with your individual Adwords campaign. Use this valuable information to tweak future campaigns in hopes of becoming more successful in the future. It’s important that you get the results that you need, or else it will have been a waste of your time and resources to launch an Adwords campaign.

PC advertising campaigns, such as those offered through Google Adwords, are a vital component of any online travel marketing strategy. However, you will want to use a variety of methods and tools in order to boost your brand recognition across the globe and earn as many direct bookings as possible.

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