Regardless of the type of tour or activity that you provide, you need to get travelers to head to your destination before you can increase your bookings.

This is why it is essential that you form a relationship with Destination Marketing Organizations, or DMOs.

What is a DMO?

A DMO is a government body that works to promote the destination and region at large. Ultimately, the DMO will become the face and brand of your destination, and it should represent your values as a region.

The goal is simple: bring more people to the area in order to learn about the region, explore what it has to offer, and boost the local economy by staying in local hotels, enjoying unique dining opportunities and booking tours and activities.

Here’s how you can work with a DMO effectively.

Partner with Other Travel Businesses and Create Valuable Packages

It can be easy to think of other tour and activity providers in your area as direct competition, but it will behoove you to begin to think of them as partners.

Approach another tour and activity provider and see if your two companies can create a custom package at a discount price for prospective travelers.

For instance, a kayaking company may want to partner with a sunset cruise company in order to offer travelers a discount package that allows them to spend their day enjoying both adventure and relaxation on the water.

Once you have created this package, approach the DMO and ask them to promote it.

They will be happy to show off the partnerships within the area and also entice more travelers to come to the area because of the great deals.

Become a Part of the DMO’s Custom Itineraries

Many DMOs will create custom itineraries based on a particular neighborhood within a region, or based on the interests of their travelers.

Meet with the leaders of your DMO in order to see if your tour and activity company can be added to any of these itineraries. This would automatically increase your bookings as well as improve your exposure in the region.

Your DMO will be thrilled to add a new activity to their itineraries, as it shows that the region has so much to offer its visitors.

Working with your local DMO is one of the best ways to increase your online distribution and boost your online bookings.

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