When you are managing a large tour and activity business, you need to be efficient and accurate. After all, you don’t want someone to book one of your unique tours, only to find out that it is overbooked and they won’t be able to enjoy it after all.

Overbooking is a huge problem in the travel industry, and it’s a major inconvenience to your customers.

The best way to avoid overbooking is to integrate your availability with online travel agents, or OTAs. OTAs will be able to instantly see what is available within your company, and quickly book their clients for your tours and activities.

If you choose not to integrate, you will be spending most of your time manually updating your availability. This is time-consuming, and puts you at a huge risk for accidentally overbooking.

There are two options available to help you integrate with OTAs.

Option 1: Custom Build an Integration

It is possible to custom build an integration system for your tour and activity company, but it’s not the easiest way to reach out to OTAs.

In order to custom build an integration system, you have to hire a developer to create the system for you. This is a large expense, and the developer will need a significant amount of time in order to complete the project.

This will leave you at the bottom of the OTAs priority list. They are less apt to work with a tour and activity provider that only offers a certain type of tours and activities.

Since they will be integrating with a system that is specifically built for your business, they will not be able to access other options for their clients.

They would prefer to work with a channel manager that offers them access to other complementary tour and activity providers. This allows them to offer the most valuable options to their customers.

Option 2: Integrate with a Channel Manager

Integrating with a channel manager like Rezdy is the more desirable option for your tour and activity company. Rezdy acts as a channel manager that markets your tours and activity information to various distributors, including OTAs.

OTAs can use the Rezdy channel manager not only to access real-time information about your tours, pricing and availability, but they also can reach out to thousands of other tour and activity businesses that offer complementary services.

Why is this the better option for OTAs?

In the end, the OTAs will spend the same amount of time connecting with you through Rezdy as they would through a custom integration with your business.

However, when they make this connection through Rezdy, they simultaneously network with thousands of other businesses.

This is a more efficient process for them, and allows them to provide their clients with a more diverse portfolio of options.

Why is this the better option for you?

By investing in online booking software that can easily integrate with OTAs, you will be able to focus on other more important areas of your business all while automating the booking process.

The problem of overbooking virtually eliminates itself, and anyone can easily reserve your tours and activities.

Sign up with Rezdy today, and sit back while your bookings soar.

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