Asking for customer reviews can feel like a daunting process for many tour and activity operators, but it really does feel like second nature once you get your messaging, timing and method right. In fact, you can completely automate the process so the reviews can roll in without requiring a second thought. 


Reviews are an important part of your future customer buying decision so it’s important to make sure you have a process in place to actively collect them. Here’s how to get started.  


What can you expect when you ask clients for testimonials?

It’s fair to expect that some customers will be happy to provide a review for your business, while others might not have the time or inclination to share feedback. Of course, it’s impossible to get customer feedback without asking the customer first, so here’s how to go about that in the right way and build up those reviews.

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How to ask customers for reviews 

There are four important elements to choose when considering how to get your customers to write reviews:

  • The timing

The best time to ask for a review is a day or two after they’ve had a fantastic time with you! With the right program in place, you can set automated messages to go out at a set time after their guest experience has finished, so you can request a review while everything is still fresh in their mind.

  • The channel

Emails are an ideal way to ask for customer reviews, because people will often check their inbox when they have time to spare. Text message is another quick and easy way to ask for reviews, and you can send automated messages via both channels in Rezdy.

  • The message

If you’re perplexed about what to ask in a review request, you’re not alone. But what’s important is to be human, humble and speak in your brand’s unique voice. It’s also worth including a personal messaging option in case the customer feels they had a less-than-ideal experience. We’ll cover off a few different messaging examples and options below.  

  • The review destination

It’s also important to consider where you want to build up your bank of reviews. You might ask for reviews on Facebook, TripAdvisor or Google, or to provide the choice of two review locations to your guests. Keep in mind where and how your customers book with you to guide this decision.

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4 clear and creative ways to ask for a review:

1. We hope you had a brilliant time with us here at [Business Name]! We wondered if you’d like to leave us a review? This will help other people just like you find and enjoy our tours. You can click the link below to leave a review for [Business Name] on [Review site].

2. Did you enjoy yourself as much as we did? We’d be delighted if you could help spread the word about how awesome [Business Name] is. Head on over to TripAdvisor now at this link to drop us some love. If your experience was anything less than perfect we’d love to hear about that too – please get in touch directly so we can make things right.

3. Roses are red, violets are blue, we loved having you – did you love us too? If yes, why not leave us a review! 

4. [Name], we’d love your feedback on your recent experience with us. What did you like? What can we do better? You can get in touch by replying to this email, or give us a review on [Review site] if you would like to recommend us to others.


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