As you have spent the last several years building your brand and establishing a relationship with the travelers who frequent your tour and activity company, your website may have been placed on the back burner. While it was sitting there, the mobile revolution completely changed the way that people do business online, and you may find yourself in need of a mobile friendly website.

mobile friendly website is necessary for your business, not only because it appeals to travelers who use their smartphones and tablets to conduct research and finalize bookings, but also because it helps you stay visible online. The top search engines now require websites to be mobile friendly, or else they will get docked on the search engine results page.

Looking to be more mobile friendly at your tour and activity company? Here’s how:

Test your website to verify that it’s mobile friendly

mobile friendly

Before you start changing your website design and adding cool new features, you might want to do a test to see if your website is mobile friendly. The easiest way to find out if your website features a mobile friendly design is to input your URL into the Google Mobile Friendly test, which is located here.

Once you get the results from Google, you can begin making the changes necessary to make your website more appealing to travelers around the globe.

Invest in a mobile responsive website design

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Being mobile adaptable is important, but there’s a distinct difference between mobile friendly websites and mobile responsive websites. A mobile friendly website is basically a desktop website that still operates effectively on a mobile device. A mobile responsive website is one that will automatically adapt to the screen of the individual user, offering a customized experience that is more cohesive and efficient. A mobile responsive website is a trimmed-down version of what you offer on your desktop website, but it’s presented in a way that moves a mobile user through the online booking journey and encourages them to book with you directly from their mobile device.

Create content specifically for mobile users

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As you begin to create content for your new and improved website, you will want to think about the preferences of mobile users. A mobile user may be sitting on the subway, commuting to work and daydreaming about their next vacation. They are going to be more motivated by images and videos and less interested in lengthy tour descriptions. Vivid images, bright colors and basic designs are paramount. Don’t forget to implement an online booking system that includes mobile booking capabilities. You will want your new mobile responsive website to afford travelers the opportunity to instantly book your tour products.

Becoming mobile friendly might seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Rezdy is the online booking solution for tour and activity operators, and our booking system includes a website-building tool that will help you create a responsive website design for your business. For more information on how Rezdy can catch you up with the times, begin your free demo today.

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