How to Create a Seamless Online Booking Experience for Your Tour & Activity Business

How to Create a Seamless Online Booking Experience for Your Tour & Activity Business

You know that you need to implement an SEO strategy in order to improve your brand visibility online. You also know that you have to offer and promote your online booking capabilities in order to convert website visitors into lifelong customers. However, you must offer a seamless online booking experience if you want to see your bookings rise significantly. If the process of finalizing a reservation on your tour booking system is at all frustrating or slow, you are almost sure to lose that customer to the local competition.

Hoping to avoid that scenario? Well, here’s how to create a seamless online booking experience for your tour and activity business:

Offer online booking on your website and on your social profiles


The first step to creating a seamless online booking experience is allowing your customers to book your tours and activities when and where it’s convenient for them. You need to allow your customers to book directly with you on your website as well as on your social profiles, such as your Facebook page or your Instagram profile. Don’t forget that you also need to have mobile booking capabilities in place — an increasing number of travelers are booking their excursions on their mobile devices.

Display the “Book Now” button in a prominent position

Those who are looking to book a tour or activity do not want to have to search endlessly on your website to figure out how to complete their reservation. You need to showcase a bold “Book Now” button in a prominent position on your home page as well as on each landing page.

Keep all forms as short as possible

Obviously, you need some information about each customer in order to complete their booking. However, it’s important that you keep your booking forms as short as possible. Two or three fields is ideal, as your customers should be able to finish the form in just a few moments.

Use a secure payment processing system

Most consumers today are comfortable and confident processing payments online, but you need to earn their trust by offering a secure payment processing system. If you require your customers to provide credit card information in order to secure their reservation, you need to take every step necessary to protect that private financial data.

Send automatic confirmation e-mails

Once the booking is complete, your customer needs to receive a confirmation e-mail in a matter of moments. The right tour operator software will be able to automatically generate and send those e-mails for you, allowing you to remain open for business 24 hours a day.

It’s easy to create a seamless online booking experience when you have the right tour booking software in place. Rezdy is the premier tour operator software for the tour and activity sector, and it offers the tools and resources you need to create an easy online booking process for your customers.

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