How to Get All the Last Minute Bookings in Your Destination

How to Get All the Last Minute Bookings in Your Destination

The typical day of a tourist goes like this: You get up in the morning, enjoy a quick meal and go out for the first tour of the day. You take a break for a nice, relaxed lunch, and you begin to think about what you might want to do tomorrow. During the afternoon, you might spend a little bit of time researching your tour and activity options for the next day, while squeezing in some sightseeing with your travel party. After an enjoyable dinner and a splendid day on your holiday, you will get online that evening to book the next day’s tours.

As a tour and activity provider this is the time to strike, you want to capture this audience and get all of the last-minute bookings in your destination. These tourists often use very specific search terms, such as “V8 driving in Sydney” in order to discover the local options available. Most of your competition will have bid on these terms through AdWords, but they would have capped out their budget halfway through the day. During these critical high converting peak hours, you have the opportunity to capitalize on cheap and effective advertising.

Google AdWords Tip: With Google AdWords, you can set specific rules for your campaigns. Within these rules, you can set a specific time in order to increase your biddings. When you are completing this part of the process, select the evening hours.

By creating a campaign that targets searchers looking up specific keyword phrases in the evening hours, you will be attracting a group of people who are ready to make a purchase. This is critical when developing an AdWords campaign, because it is a pay-per-click system. Therefore, you want every click to turn into a conversion, so you want to be able to target customers who are ready to commit to your tours and activities.

In addition to maximizing your investment in AdWords, this also helps you increase your bookings with a unique group of customers. Last-minute bookings can help fill your tours and activities for the next day, so that you don’t have any empty seats left when you begin. Any reservation over and above the minimum number you need in order to cover the cost of the tour allows you to increase your profit margin, so this is an important group of consumers to target.

With the Rezdy online booking system, you will make it easy for those last-minute travelers to complete their reservations for your tours and activities. Your live availability is always posted on your website, and the easy booking form means that they will quickly complete their reservation before moving on to enjoy their trip.

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