In the United States, the best deals and sales for any type of product can be found on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. Across the world, Cyber Monday — or the Monday after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday — is becoming the best way to score hot promotions online. However, in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, Boxing Day is the top sale day of the year.

Celebrated on December 26, Boxing Day is a secular holiday and one that many businesses use to promote their products by offering deep discounts. The tour and activity industry is no exception.

Here are a few promotional ideas that you can use on Boxing Day to help maximise revenue and grow your bookings:

Use e-mail marketing to promote your boxing day deal

The key to a successful promotion is to generate buzz about what you are going to offer. It’s best to create an offer that will be available only on Boxing Day, as this will make customers feel as if your deal is elusive and exclusive. To promote your deal, start running an automatic e-mail campaign to a targeted list of consumers who are most likely to take advantage of the promotion. Be careful, because consumers are being inundated with e-mails during this time of year. Design catchy subject lines that make it clear what your offer is and will encourage your target audience to open the message.

Offer a product or upgrade in addition to a discount

Discounts are expected by consumers on Boxing Day, so you need to design a promotion that goes above and beyond a 25 percent discount on a future tour or activity booking. Make your deal unique by adding an extra element to it, such as an upgraded luxury package at no extra cost or a valuable souvenir item for free. These extra incentives will motivate your target market segment to take advantage of your Boxing Day deal and will help you boost your bookings.

Leverage boxing day to boost bookings during a slow period

For many tour and activity companies, Boxing Day also marks the beginning of a typically slow period when fewer people are traveling. January, February and March can be challenging months for tour operators, but your Boxing Day deal can help alleviate that stress. When you design a promotion that allows people to book a tour during your slow period at a deep discount, you will enjoy additional bookings during a time of year that is traditionally slow. You may be offering your tours at a discount, but the additional sales will actually increase your revenue.

The holiday shopping season may end on Christmas Eve, but those who are seeking great deals for themselves know that Boxing Day is the day to buy. This is a moment where you can capture the attention of your target market segment, who may be planning a trip to your destination after the New Year.

The right online booking solution will help you leverage Boxing Day and other holidays throughout the year to boost bookings and maximise revenue.

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