Every tour and activity operator has been there before. You’re waiting for the tour to begin, and most of your guests have arrived. They are waiting on the bus, and they are excited to start their adventure. But there are a few people missing, and you aren’t sure whether they are going to be a few minutes late. So you wait a bit, only to find out they never planned to arrive in the first place. How to minimize no shows is a classic question in tourism and we think we can help.

No shows at your tour and activity company can negatively impact both your revenue and also your brand image. Here’s how you can prevent no shows at your location:

Use innovative reminder tools 

Sometimes, people miss their scheduled tours and activities simply because they forgot. You can use the technology in place at your tour and activity company to keep your tours at the forefront of your future guests’ minds. When an individual makes a reservation for one of your upcoming tours online, send them an automatic confirmation e-mail. You also should schedule automatic e-mails to go out one week and one day before the tours to remind them. Automatic text messages also can help your guests remember that they have one of your experiences booked. With the right booking technology in place, it’s easy to use reminder tools to minimize no shows.

Create and implement a cancellation penalty

Another way to hold your guests accountable to their reservation is to create policies that encourage them to show up their scheduled tour or activity. For example, you should:

  • Require your guests to place a small deposit when they book their tour.
  • Ask your guests to agree to a cancellation policy which outlines how far in advance your guests can cancel, if they will get their deposit back, and what will happen if they do not show up to a tour or activity.

It is imperative that you consistently enforce these policies with your travelers.

Use social proof to increase the confidence of your travelers

Social proof, such as online reviews or posts on Facebook and Instagram, can do a lot for your brand. Not only will this social proof encourage prospective guests to book with you versus the competition, but it also will nurture your guests and excite them about their upcoming experience. When a traveler feels confident in your brand and they are assured by an objective third party that you will deliver on your marketing promises, they are more likely to show up and enjoy the experience that you have to offer.

It’s understandable that you are frustrated, disappointed and maybe even a little hurt when a guest decides not to show up for their scheduled tour or activity. While it’s not going to prevent you from feeling this way when a no show does occur, taking preventative measures can help minimize the number of people who ditch your tours after making their reservation.

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Image credit: Ashim D’Silva


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