Direct marketing is the most common form for your company to communicate with customers and has been adapted to face the Internet emergence. Especially the most important form of direct marketing is direct mail, used by advertisers who send paper mail to all postal customers in an area or to all customers on a list.

Direct Mail

Direct mail allows you to communicate with you customer more individually, with its own name by many means. It includes advertising circulars, catalogs, newsletter and other unsolicited merchandising invitations delivered directly in your customers’ mailboxes

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most common medium today for direct marketers because of its low cost, and because customer responses can be generated rapidly. A major concern is spam. As am example, Mailchimp is an efficient tool to help you manage your emailing campaigns. It allows you to send the campaign you have chosen to the targeted prospects, customers.


Coupons are promotion tools that have the advantage of recovering what is lost in fidelity in reduction. A coupon program should first be considered as your brand advertisement. Your marketers should not assume the associated print ad is not important or that the coupon is all that is needed to sell your brand and your products. Then as a marketing direct-mail, coupon drives customers to be aware of your offers when a new product or limited-time offer is introduced.


In a direct response marketing strategy, the customer responds to your marketing message. For example, when prospects see a commercial of one of your tour or activity on TV and can make a  direct purchase with a credit card over the telephone or Internet.

As you can see, there are many ways to reach your customers using direct marketing. Nowadays, with the importance of the Internet and some Social Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you would have to adapt your strategy by having a Digital presence.

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