How To Target Chinese Travellers for Your Tours & Activities [Slides]

How To Target Chinese Travellers for Your Tours & Activities [Slides]

Chinese travellers were a hot topic in the past year – and they’re not going anywhere. In fact, their foothold in the tourism market is trending upwards.

Have a look at our slideshow which explains how tour and activity operators can begin to target this lucrative market.

Why should you care about Chinese travellers?

Because Chinese travellers are travelling and spending more than ever before.

  • Chinese travellers spent $114 billion overseas in 2012, making them the world’s biggest spenders (Source) Tweet this stat!
  • China will overtake the US, UK, and Germany to become the largest market for long-haul travellers by 2020 (Source) Tweet this stat!
  • By 2015, 100 million Chinese will become global travellers (Source) Tweet this stat!
  • 90 million Chinese households will be able to take long haul trips by 2023 (Source) Tweet this stat!
  • Nearly two thirds (62% ) of total Chinese outbound travel will be leisure driven – a major shift away from business – by 2023 (Source) Tweet this stat!

What do Chinese travellers like?

  • Health and wellness. Chinese travellers are more interested in health, so you should emphasise the health benefits of your tours in your marketing materials.
  • Eco-tourism. People living in metropolitan China are bothered by the pollution and congestion they experience in their hometowns. They want to be in a natural setting with fresh air.
  • Indulgences. Travellers from China enjoy spending money on food, souvenirs, and experiences. As long as you gain their trust (both digitally and on-site), they will be prepared to purchase.

What can you do to appeal to Chinese travellers?

As a tour operator, it’s important to appeal to this market.

Make sure that you have:

  • Tours tailored to specific interests of Chinese travellers (luxury, adventure, shopping).
  • Tour guides who speak Chinese (and maybe even tour groups if there’s a market for it).
  • An online booking form that can be translated into Chinese.
  • Chinese meal options.
  • Partnerships with travel agents in China to send you customers and advise you on recent trends.

Use Rezdy to grab your share of the lucrative Chinese market

Tour and activity operators who want to access the Chinese market can partner with Tours4Fun, an OTA owned by Ctrip (China’s largest OTA). Rezdy’s booking system connects you to hundreds of online agents, including Tours4Fun. The connection is automatic, so that you eliminate the risk of overbooking, while reducing your admin time. To learn more about connecting to Tours4Fun via Rezdy, click here.

If you don’t have a booking form that supports Chinese translation, Rezdy supports the Chinese language (traditional & simplified), so you can start capturing your share of the Chinese traveler market. It will also manage your bookings from overseas agents.

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