How can tour and activity operators add to their booking profits in a low-risk and high-return way? 

By offering Extras! The Extras feature within Rezdy’s online tour booking software enables you to easily upsell and cross-sell to your customers to increase the value of their cart before they book. It can bring you greater cash flow, and can deepen and improve the experience for your guests for wins all around.  

What can my Extras be? 

Pretty much anything you can think of. You could upsell or cross-sell the following within your tours and activities booking software:

  • Branded hats, jumpers or T-shirts
  • Snacks, meals or hampers for the guest experience
  • Transfers to and from the guest’s accommodation
  • Upgrades to the guest experience, such as premium accommodation
  • Pre-purchased photo packages from the guest experience (integration with Flotaflo and PicThrive is simple in Rezdy)
  • Vouchers or cross-promotional offers for a partnering business
  • Equipment rental for things like binoculars and cameras. 

adding extras in your tour business

It’s likely that in reading this list you might have thought of a couple of possibilities for your own business, but the sky really is the limit. Whether it’s handcrafted souvenirs or an extra bottle of water, you’ll be able to see who ordered what at a glance on the dashboard of your online tour booking system with Rezdy

What makes a good Extra? 

Consider products or services that are low risk and high margin. If offering dinner with your guest experience will require complicated logistics and expensive outlays, then it might not be ideal. If it’s an easy way to add value and your customer comes away happier, then it’s a winner. Within Rezdy’s tours and activities booking software you can charge per booking, per person or per quantity to suit what you have to offer.

When to offer Extras

There are several different situations where you might choose to offer Extras: 

1. You want to gain an edge over competitors by adding value for your customers

2. You’re looking to maximise the return from your bookings (and let’s face it, who isn’t!)

3. You’d like to add a new dimension to your guest experiences

4. You have merchandise or products you’re looking to offload

5. You’d like to get the word out about your business through branded products. 

Keen to get started with Extras? 

Of course you are! To get started offering Extras within your tour operator reservation system, simply head over to this Extras support article which guides you through the steps. 

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